Micro electric DC motor

Micro electric DC motor

Model: TW-DC5512 Series
Classification:Micro DC Motor
Application: Printer, Drill, Blender, Garden Tools. Etc
Notes: The motors can be designed according to customer requirements

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Product Details

Micro electric DC motor

1. Product description:

A brushless DC motor is a DC motor that establishes a magnetic field through one or more permanent magnets. Its performance is similar to a forced-excitation DC motor with a constant field current. It can be easily adjusted by changing the armature voltage. Compared with other DC motors, it has the advantages of small size, high efficiency, simple structure and low copper consumption. It is the main type of low power DC motor.

2. Product performance

Input voltage


Input rated power

50W, locked power is greater than 250W

No Load Power

11W (MAX)

No load speed

12000 ± 10% RPM

Spark level

below 1.5


less than or equal to 70dB


3.Product application

With the development of the times, the application of brushless DC motors will be more widely used in the automotive industry, industrial and agricultural, and medical industries. Many original AC motors have been replaced by brushless DC motors.


4. Production drawings


5. Product Qualification

Certificate: CCC .ROHS .CE .UL .Etc



Q: How far is it from the factory to the loading port?

A: It takes only one hour from our factory to our local loading port. We do transportation very conveniently.

Q: Can brushless motors be used for weaponry?

A: Yes! In weaponry, permanent magnet DC motors are widely used in missiles, artillery, satellites, spacecraft, ships, airplanes, tanks, rockets, radars, and chariots.

Q: How long can I make 500,000 brushless motors?

A: It usually takes about 20-30 days to make this batch order. At the beginning, it takes longer, but when we make continuous large-scale orders. This will be a shorter time.

Q: Do you have foreign sales to help us choose a motor?

A: Yes. We have a lot of foreign sales people who can help you choose the motor.


7. Good service

The company will be first-class products, first-class service, market-oriented, service society, all-round to solve all technical problems for you, solve all worries, open the door for you. The purpose of our service is "integrity first, price concessions, quality assurance". We sincerely and closely cooperate with customers in all aspects. Welcome your company to call, come to consult and negotiate, and sincerely serve our customers.

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