Hair Divider Motor

Hair Divider Motor

Model: TW-GM20 Series
Classification:Spur DC Gear Motor
Application:Haircurler, Hair divider, Curly hair, Electronic lock, Automatic valve, Remote-control,Vehicle-lock, Steel Safe.etc
Notes: The motors can be designed according to customer requirements

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Product Details

1.Product Introduction

The geared motor is an integrated body of the reducer and the motor. Such an integrated body is also commonly referred to as a gear motor or a geared motor. Usually, it is assembled and assembled by a professional geared motor manufacturer. This motor model we called 20A130 series which widely used for hair dressing, hair salon,cosmetic etc product. Such as the haircurler,hair divder,hair style design insturment.Etc


2. Product Description

1). The motor is manufactured in accordance with international technical requirements and has a high technological content.

2), space saving, reliable and durable, with high overload capacity,etc. good character.

3), low energy consumption, superior performance, reducer efficiency of up to 85%.

4), low vibration, low noise, high energy, high-quality forged steel materials, steel cast iron box, the surface of the gear after high-frequency heat treatment.


3.Product Application

Typical Application: Haircurler, Hair divider, Curly hair, Electronic lock, Automatic valve, Medical

equipment, computer equipment, precision instruments, optical

instruments, monitors.etc

hair divider

4.Production Details

1).After precision machining to ensure the parallelism and positioning accuracy of the shaft, all of the gear reduction motors that constitute the gear transmission assembly are equipped with various types of motors, forming a mechatronics, which fully guarantees the quality characteristics of the products.

2).The product adopts serialized and modular design ideas and has wide adaptability. This series of products has many motor combinations, installation positions and structural schemes. It can choose any speed and various structural forms according to actual needs.


5. Product Qualification

Certificate: CCC.ROHS.CE.UL.Etc


6. Product service

·3 days of sample preparation efficiency

·7 days delivery commitment

·10 years of technical support for micro motor development experience

·24-hour after-sales service guarantee


7. FAQ

Q:Can you offer your optical equipment motor technical data for us checking?

A:Yes,we can offer some info. But we must confirm if your basic info and we also can help to send some technical drawing to you to confirm.

Q:Are your this motors speed adjustable?

A:yes.we can ensure the motor’s speed is adjustable by our special design. 

Q:Can you offer your accurate price before making samples?

A:Sorry,we can’t offer you the accurate price before making samples. Because this CNC equipment motor has different technical request, it means the motor will be different. 

Q:Do you also produce other type motors ?

A:Yes,we also produce other type motors. we can make all kinds of motors.


TEAMWORK GLOBAL GROUP LIMITED is the most professional manufacturer of geared motors with strong production strength and quality assurance. Various models of geared motors are available for wholesale purchase, and all geared motors use the most advanced technology to provide you with the best product experience.

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