China geared motor

China geared motor

Model: TW-GM33 Series
Product Classification:Spur DC Gear Motor
Typical Application:Automatic door lock, projector, hairdressing equipment
Notes: The motors can be designed according to customer requirements

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Product Details

TEAMWORK GLOBAL GROUP LIMITED is a company that integrates R&D, production and marketing of micro-motor series products. The company is located in Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province. Since its establishment, the company has adhered to the concept of "people-oriented, pioneering and enterprising, and continuous innovation". After four years of rapid development, it has a group of young, pragmatic, efficient and far-sighted workers with advanced production facilities. Efficient management, excellent quality, and high-quality service to meet the needs of customers to continuously improve product levels, reduce energy consumption, facilitate production, and improve efficiency, and win recognition from more and more customers.


1. Product Introduction

Product Name:Permanent Magnet DC Gear Motor

Model specification:TW-33B365-20-09412

Operation voltage range:5~9VDC

Motor weight:210g ref

Direction of rotation:CW



2. Product Parameter

Load point

Torque   (

Speed (rpm)

Current   (mA)ref.




211(460 Max.)




576(860   Max.)




2100 REF.


3. Product Usage

The product is suitable for: automatic receiving machine, parking lock, lifting products, burning stove, shredder, children's electric car, smart antenna, polishing machine, toweling machine, etc.


4. Production Details


5. Product customization process

First, the customer provides the motor parameters or samples. If there is no sample, please provide the following main motor parameters:

1). Drive motor: provide motor dimensions, lead requirements, operating voltage, no-load speed, no-load current, load, stall current.

2). Vibration motor: provide motor dimensions, lead requirements, operating voltage, speed, current, eccentric wheel size

Second, we produce motor samples according to customer requirements. According to different requirements, the general product customization period is about 15 days.

Third, after the customer receives our motor, please feedback whether the motor meets the requirements. If there are other needs or improvements, please contact us and we will modify it according to the situation.


Tips: The parameters of this product can be changed according to customer requirements. The parameters of the products are different in price. The properties and prices of the above products are for reference only. Please contact Want Want or call us for details. Thank you!


6. caution

1).Avoid use and preservation in corrosive (especially sulphur gas) environment.

2).When the power is on, the motor does not allow to be blocked at stall. This will damage the

motor or gear box.

3).motor terminal :The temperature of the soldering iron should be kept at 380℃;Do not pass

more than two seconds when the soldering iron contacts the terminal.

4).Don't change the motor's any dimension.

Manufacturers are not liable for improper use or testing.

5).Within one year (12 months) after receiving the goods, it is allowed to replace the goods

because of poor performance of the motor.

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