1.6 Billion To Promote Efficient Motor Development

- Oct 29, 2018-

The motor industry is welcoming new opportunities. The State Council recently discussed and approved the 12th Five-Year Plan for the National Basic Public Service System. The meeting studied the policy measures to promote the consumption of energy-efficient home appliances and other products, and decided to arrange 1.6 billion yuan to support the promotion of high-efficiency motors. According to industry insiders, although 1.6 billion is worthy of the output value of the motor industry, the form is more important than the essence. This plan shows that the state supports the development of high-efficiency and energy-saving motors, which boosts the confidence of motor manufacturers and consumers.

As an important part of the motor industry, China's micro-motor manufacturing industry also ushered in a period of rapid development. Especially in the Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta, and the Bohai Bay, the important production bases and export bases of China's micro-motors have been formed. Micro-motors, which account for about 60% of global production, are produced in China, and China has become a major producer of micro-motors in the world. The data shows that in 2011, there were 791 enterprises above designated size in China's micro-motor manufacturing industry, with annual sales of 146.527 billion yuan, up 22.04% year-on-year; total profit of 8.932 billion yuan, up 9.77% year-on-year; product sales profit reached 193.13 100 million yuan, an increase of 20.90% over the previous year.

The prospect of the micro-motor industry is unquestionable, but the overall level of the domestic micro-motors is still in a large but not strong state. Compared with the foreign micro-motor industry, the technical level is quite different, and the professional micro-motor industry is urgently needed. The communication platform narrows this gap. It is reported that it will be in Guangzhou from September 20 to 22, 2012. The 2012 China (Guangzhou) International Micro-Electric Motors and Magnetic Materials Exhibition (MIA 2012) held at the China Import and Export Fair Pazhou Complex was very popular, and all major micro-motors and magnetic material manufacturers were actively exhibiting. The well-known domestic and foreign companies participating in the exhibition have industry leaders, such as Kaibang Motor, Jinling Motor, Xu Forging Group, Hite Electronics, Desai Magnetic Industry, Jinli Permanent Magnet, and listed companies, such as Baotou Steel Rare Earth and Jinlong Rare Earth. , Chinalco Guangxi Guangxi, and many powerful brand companies stationed, such as Jiehe Motor, Dong Yuting Motor, original measurement and control, Taiwan Xiangyi, Jifeng Magnetic Industry, Shenzhen Margfan, Lianzhong Technology, Aier Magnetic, Prince Magnetic More than 200 companies, such as the industry, Mingrun magnetic materials and Hainuo balance machines, will have an exhibition area of 10,000 square meters.

By then, many companies will bring their latest technology products. Xu Xing Group, a star enterprise in China's forging industry with 60 years of experience in forging equipment manufacturing, will mainly exhibit high-speed presses. According to the person in charge of the exhibition, the company has been well-known at home and abroad for its excellent product quality, and many products have won the title of National Excellent, Provincial Excellent and Ministry. The 10 ton and 16 ton presses have won the highest quality award in the forging industry - the National Silver Award. MIA 2012 will become the main battlefield for the company to release new products. China's rare earth leading enterprise Baotou Steel Rare Earth also launched a masterpiece, which will focus on the permanent magnet materials used in motor production, as well as NdFeB rare earth, providing the most cost-effective raw material support for many motor companies. As the world's largest and most professional gearbox manufacturer, Xiangyi Enterprise Co., Ltd. will carry the planetary gearbox, tower wheel gearbox and servo machine at the exhibition. The company's product advantages are miniaturization, light weight, energy saving, low noise, etc. It can be used in precision machinery, precision instruments, robotic arms, transportation tools, as well as daily necessities, power tools, garden tools, bank counting machines. And the transmission structure of products such as vending machines.

As an efficient docking platform, MIA 2012 is favored by many domestic and foreign top buyers. Sanyo, Panasonic, Galanz, Dayang Electric, Chigo Air Conditioning, Rongsheng Electric, Guangzhou Automobile Group, Wanbao to Motor, Hengguang Electric, Huaxin Auto Air Conditioning, BMW Motors, Aisheng Technology, Hengguang, Fuji Microelectronics, Power Group, Jia Teli Micromotor, Anpu Automotive Air Conditioning, Bell, Zhongheng Automobile, New Unicom, Rongsheng Electromechanical, Haimeige, Aodian Electric, Pacific Magnetic Materials, Longhui Motor, Xinruite, Xingyuan Material, Bimo, Japan Well-known buyers such as New Transmission, Yixinfeng, Wante Electromechanical, Sichuan Automobile Industry Group, Micro Precision Motor, Shifeng Group, Changlong Bus will visit the site to ignite the atmosphere of the exhibition.

In the same period, there will be a number of corporate technology seminars, product launches and other supporting activities. Secretary General Zheng Sen of the Asia NdFeB China Station will present a key report on the future development trend of NdFeB industry. The China Automation Society Integrated Automation Technology Professional Committee will also conduct in-depth discussions on the status quo and development trends of the micro-motor and magnetic materials industry, industry prospect analysis, and cutting-edge technology introduction.

Industry analysts pointed out that with the introduction of many favorable policies, China's motor industry has ushered in the best development opportunity. As a motor company, we should seize the opportunity and take advantage of the trend, and through the professional third-party platform such as MIA 2012, communicate with domestic and foreign elites, learn advanced technology, continuously improve ourselves, improve the technological content and added value of products, and thus promote the motor. The industry has further developed.

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