2019 Zhengzhou Hardware Exhibition Grand Start Ten Theme Exhibition Area Wonderful Appearance

- Sep 21, 2018-

The 15th China zhengzhou international hardware and electrical exhibition will be held in zhengzhou international exhibition center from June 4-6, 2019.The ten major exhibition areas of this exhibition are over 32,000 square meters.

The 15th China zhengzhou international hardware and electrical exhibition will be held in zhengzhou international exhibition center from June 4-6, 2019.The exhibition is hosted by haiming exhibition group and undertaken by zhengzhou haiming huibo exhibition planning co., LTD.

From transcendent to emerging, from sailing to cutting through the thorns, from fame to flying, zhengzhou hardware exhibition has written a development course of upgrading, rapid growth, transformation and deep cultivation in 14 years.As the central and western regions only a professional hardware machinery exhibition, zhengzhou hardware exhibition for hardware tools, electrical and mechanical, abrasives, garden machinery, welding equipment, lifting sling, pump valve, labor protection, cable, fasteners and other industry enterprises in the Midwest market brand show, product sales, technical exchanges and contacts circle build provides the most valuable in many aspects, such as integrated services;The exhibition has led the healthy development of the hardware machinery industry in the central and western regions and been highly recognized by enterprises, markets, business users and media.At present, the exhibition has become a hardware and electrical conference with great influence, high professional degree, good exhibition effect and authority.

This exhibition 10 theme exhibition area of 32000 square meters, respectively, for the hand tools exhibition exhibition area, electric tools, pneumatic tools exhibition, abrasives, exhibition galleries, mechanical and electrical products, garden tools/small machinery exhibition, sling/logistics equipment exhibition, welding equipment exhibition area, pump and motor exhibition galleries, labor protection and so on ten big theme exhibition, will be fully display new products, new technology, new services, both at home and abroad cooperation platform, supply and demand docking trade.

The exhibition will continue to be held in conjunction with the 15th China zhengzhou international industrial equipment expo, which will run through the entire industrial chain and seamlessly share cutting-edge information, technology, procurement and user resources in the industry.The exhibition covers an area of 70,000 square meters and is expected to be attended by 2000+ brand manufacturers/agents of the hardware and machinery industry at home and abroad, 40,000 + dealers from 123 cities in 9 provinces in central and western China, and 20,000 + end users of automobile manufacturing, railway locomotives, industrial and mining, power equipment, petrochemical industry, construction engineering, decoration and decoration.

As "made in China 2025 henan action outline, the 2018 cities in henan construction quality engineering work implementation plan", such as policy, vigorously promote infrastructure construction, comprehensive manufacture big province to a strong province of historic leap and zhengzhou airport economic comprehensive experimental zone, zhongyuan urban agglomeration, cross-border electricity China free trade area, the national comprehensive experimental zone, national big data comprehensive experimental zone, Zheng Luo integrated demonstration area of the new independent innovation demonstration zone, navigation industry, service outsourcing demonstration cities and demonstration projects of comprehensive traffic hub, such as national processing trade to undertake transfer ShiFanDe ten national strategy of development,Therefore, the demand for hardware and electrical products will be increased, which also indicates that the hardware and electrical industry in the central and western regions will present a better development prospect in the future.

Innovation leads the future, focus on the zhengzhou exhibition, set sail new journey!The annual central and western hardware and electrical industry feast -- 2019 zhengzhou hardware exhibition will be fully started, a hardware and electrical industry feast in the central and western regions and even the whole country, we look forward to your arrival, believe that regardless of the exhibitors or buyers, you will achieve the expected results, full load!

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