2020 Stepper Motor Market Scale Exceeds 10 Billion

- Nov 24, 2018-

2020 stepper motor market scale exceeds 10 billion

It is worth noting that this acquisition is not the first time that Mingzhi Electric has added the stepping motor. In May of this year, it was only in the A-shares of Mingzhi Electric. The fund-raising project included the control of new capacity projects for the motor. The project is mainly to improve the production capacity of the company's stepper motor. It is expected that the company will add more than 22 million stepper motors per year after it is put into production.

Mingzhi Electric has repeatedly added the field of stepper motors, which is undoubtedly optimistic about the business. The so-called stepper motor is actually a kind of micro-motor. The working principle is to convert the electric pulse signal into a motor with corresponding angular displacement or line displacement. As a kind of electronic components, stepper motor applications are also widely used, such as computers, communication equipment, office automation equipment, medical equipment, 3D printing, etc., mainly divided into HB stepper motor, PM stepper motor and other types.

According to the data disclosed by Mingzhi Electric in the “Prospectus”, the market scale of China's stepper motor manufacturing industry will maintain an annual growth rate of 7~13% from 2017 to 2022. Among them, the average annual growth rate in industrial automation will Maintained at more than 20%; office automation field, maintained between 0~10%; printing equipment manufacturing, maintained at 6~10% level.

According to the Zhiyan Data Center, from 2015 to 2020, China's stepper motor manufacturing market will maintain an average annual growth rate of 15%. In 2020, the stepper motor market will exceed 27.5 billion.

Although the market is growing, Mingzhi Electric, which has repeatedly added stepping motors, needs to continuously develop the market and digest production capacity. If the company's IPO fundraising project is completed, the company's HB stepper motor will add 6.83 million new units, which is 68.3% higher than the 2016 capacity of 10.04 million units. The PM stepper motor will add 16 million units. Compared with the capacity of 3.22 million units in 2016, the growth rate is 496.89%.

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