274 Batches Of Imported Old Electromechanical Unqualified

- Nov 10, 2018-

274 batches of imported old electromechanical unqualified

The white paper informs the statistics and information on the inspection and supervision of imported old mechanical and electrical products by the entry-exit inspection and quarantine institutions in 2015, as well as the inspection and supervision of imported old mechanical and electrical products.

Statistics show that in 2015, the national inspection and quarantine department implemented a total of 52,150 batches of imported old mechanical and electrical arrival inspections, involving an amount of 435,377,300 US dollars. The final inspection failed 274 batches, involving an amount of 4,875,700 US dollars, accounting for 0.11% of the amount. A total of 137,738,600 US dollars of old products were rectified under the supervision of the inspection and quarantine institutions; products with a price of US$ 944,600 were ordered to be destroyed or issued with relevant notices to be returned by the customs.

The types of used mechanical and electrical products include: mechanical equipment, electrical and electronic products, and instrumentation.

According to the white paper, the unqualified items of imported old mechanical and electrical products discovered in 2015 were mainly: mechanical and electrical safety issues and environmental and environmental non-conformities. Among them, mechanical and electrical safety issues are more prominent. For example, there is no protective device in the mechanical dangerous part; the safety protection function is invalid; the pressure system has no pressure loss protection measures and an alarm device; the accessible part has sharp angles and sharp edges which are easy to injure people.

In the aspect of sanitation and environmental protection of old mechanical and electrical products, the problem of unqualified sanitation and environmental protection has occurred. For example, the old production equipment has not been sanitized, the processing debris, oil stains, cutting residual liquid, etc.; the waste generated by the renovation and refurbished, the old life is entrained. Supplies, household waste, etc.; detection of banned substances, such as the use of banned chlorofluorocarbons in refrigerants.

In addition, imported mechanical and electrical products still have quality defects. For example, the product logo is missing, rusted, stripped, dirt, scratched, etc.; due to its long manufacturing life, the performance cannot meet the current production requirements of the industry.

Sun Wenkang said that in 2016, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine will continue to strengthen the research on the energy efficiency of imported old mechanical and electrical products with the principle of "grasping quality, ensuring safety, promoting development, and strengthening quality inspection", and will use some old mechanical and electrical equipment with high energy consumption and low efficiency. Or the old high-energy production lines abroad will be rejected from the country.


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