315: Those Product Slots In The Motor Industry, Have You Ever Encountered?

- Dec 05, 2018-

315: Those product slots in the motor industry, have you ever encountered?

March 15th of each year is China's consumer rights day, and the annual 3·15 party has become the highlight of the day.

Summarizing the CCTV 315 party in recent years, the Internet industry is increasingly becoming a “hardest hit” for consumer complaints, including hungry, car, Taobao, and interactive encyclopedia. Enterprises have all been "shot on the list."

As the motor industry of the traditional manufacturing industry, it is also a frequent problem. Let us look at the problems that have to be said in the motor industry.

Selling fake motor is sued

Limou runs a motor sales business, and Hwang drives an electric tricycle shop. The two have been in business since 2010. After several years of cooperation, Hwang found that Li had a good reputation. The three or forty batches ordered were of good quality.

On the evening of January 10, 2012, Li sent another batch of electric motors to Huang. Based on the usual trust, Hwang did not open the carton check on the spot and paid 1.8 million yuan to Li on the spot. Afterwards, Hwang found a box oozing out of the sand. He kicked and kicked with the kick. The sand was getting more and more. He opened the carton and looked at it. He suddenly looked silly. The motor case was old and refreshed with paint. There are no enameled wires inside, they are filled with stones or sand. So he checked all the motors and found that they were all fakes.

Motor OEM production

China's demand for electric motors is increasing, and many small workshop small brands have sprung up. Because the ordinary motor is relatively difficult to identify technical requirements, there is no other anti-counterfeiting mark except the nameplate. Many small factories and small workshops produce their own motors. After that, they are labeled with the nameplate of a big brand. The sparrow becomes a phoenix. For "branding." This kind of quality is not guaranteed motor, the quality can not be compared with the original factory, in the production process and technology is worse than the end, here appeal to the vast number of consumers, need to choose to buy genuine motor manufacturers or official designated agents, In order to avoid unnecessary losses.

Inefficient operation, many potential problems

Overall, the operation of high-efficiency motors in China is relatively slow. The three-level energy efficiency division on the international standard is not limited to these three levels. IE4 and IE5 also exist. IE4 studies permanent magnet motors, which are more efficient and use permanent magnet technology. While permanent magnet technology requires the use of rare earths, China is the world's largest exporter of rare earths, so it has an absolute advantage. However, most of China's rare earths are used for export, and they are not really invested in research and development.

In addition, there are still many problems and potential room for improvement in the motor market. The editor believes that producers should upgrade from multiple perspectives.

The first is to focus on the production and use of inverters. ABB, Siemens and other companies are doing motors and inverters, so that the inverter can use the inverter when there is no load, reducing the burden on the motor. This kind of thinking is worth learning.

Secondly, 50%~60% of the motors on the market are still IE1. Compared with the load, it is easy to form a big horse-drawn car. Many motors are large in scale, but in reality, the load is not enough. Such operation is inefficient and cannot fully utilize the energy efficiency of the motor.

Again, there is a lack of thinking about what happens under the control of no load. Finally, the conveyor system, including the conveyor belt, such as a car has a lot of conveyors, and the power transmission spent on the transmission system is much greater than the engine input. The cost of using a good conveyor can even reach 10%.


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