5v Stepper Motor Factory Introduces A Hybrid Stepper Motor

- Nov 12, 2019-

5v stepper motor factory introduces a hybrid stepper motor


Product Name: Two-phase 42 series (1.8 °) hybrid stepping motor

The two-phase 42 series hybrid stepping motor adopts high-quality raw materials and high-precision permanent magnet silicon steel sheets, and has the characteristics of high positioning precision, large output torque, fast response frequency, low running noise and good dynamic characteristics, and the quality is reliable. The motor length is between 28mm and 60mm, the torque range is 0.12N.m~0.6N.m, and the motor shaft diameter is 5mm.

The motor is suitable for a variety of automation equipment and instruments in the field of motion control, such as: electronic processing and inspection, semiconductor packaging, laser cutting and welding, laser phototypesetting, packaging machinery, engraving machine, marking machine, cutting machine, garment plotter, CNC machine tool , automated assembly equipment, etc. It is the first choice for users who expect low noise, high speed performance and competitive price/performance ratio.


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