62 Fuan Motor Enterprises Become National Quality And Safety Demonstration Sites

- Nov 10, 2018-

62 Fuan motor enterprises become national quality and safety demonstration sites

On May 30, 2016, on the 18th, at the annual meeting of the China Export Motor Quality Technology Promotion Committee, 57 enterprises in Fu'an City, Fujian Province won the “National Export Motor Quality and Safety Demonstration Zone Enterprise”, and 5 enterprises obtained “China's export quality and safety demonstration enterprise”. The annual meeting was jointly organized by Ningde Inspection and Quarantine Bureau and Fu'an Municipal Government.

The 57 enterprises that have won the title of “National Export Motor Quality and Safety Demonstration Zone Enterprise” will enjoy more convenience in import and export business. On the export side, the illegal inspection of goods in the demonstration area shall be exempted from supervision and spot checks; for foreign aid materials and non-commodities in the area, the self-declaration of the enterprise may be recognized, or the inspection results of third-party institutions shall be adopted, and verification supervision shall be carried out; The export processing enterprises carry out new business such as overseas maintenance, testing, research and development, and give industrial development support and regulatory convenience measures.

At the same time, the AQSIQ has the first batch of 210 China's export quality and safety demonstration enterprises, focusing on supporting and strengthening the company, promoting the improvement of the quality and safety of its products and cultivating export competitive advantages. There are 5 companies in Fu'an City, including: Fu'an City, Dongdong Anbo Electric Co., Ltd., Sanhe Electric (Fujian) Co., Ltd., Fujian Yihe Electronics Co., Ltd., Fujian Fu'an, East Asia Electric Co., Ltd., Fujian Huifeng Motor Limited.

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