75% Of The Market Share Is Occupied By The Top Ten Motor Suppliers, And Which Motor Is Used By New Energy Passenger Car Companies?

- Dec 04, 2018-

75% of the market share is occupied by the top ten motor suppliers, and which motor is used by new energy passenger car companies?

Under the rapid growth of new energy passenger car production and sales, China's new energy vehicle motor electronically controlled installed market also showed a rapid growth trend. According to the data of the factory-certified certificate of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, in 2017, the installed capacity of new energy passenger cars in China reached 551,617.

From the perspective of the motor type market structure, the permanent magnet synchronous motor is the mainstay. In 2017, the installed capacity of permanent magnet synchronous motor in the field of new energy passenger vehicles exceeded 416,000, accounting for 71%; the installed capacity of AC asynchronous motor was nearly 12 Ten thousand, accounting for 28%.

From the monthly situation, the installed capacity of the motor has increased continuously with the increase in the sales volume of new energy passenger vehicles, reaching the highest peak in the whole year in December.

From the perspective of the motor supplier, the market is relatively concentrated. Among them, Beiqi New Energy, BYD, Jiangling New Energy, Jingjin Electric, United Electronics and other 10 companies accounted for more than 75% of the market.

Among the top ten companies, except for United Automotive Electronics, which is a joint venture brand, all others are Chinese independent brands. This is mainly due to the reasons. First, the motor supplier is integrated by the OEM, such as BAIC New Energy, BYD, Jiangling New Energy, etc. Second, the independent brand motor supplier has a high degree of cooperation, which is convenient to jointly develop according to the needs of the OEM. product.

Similar to the relative concentration of power battery installed capacity, the installed capacity of the motor is relatively concentrated. Except for the Shanghai electric drive supply 10 and the Jingjin electric supply 6 car companies, other motor companies basically supply 1 to 3 car companies.

The annual installed capacity of Beiqi New Energy reached 99,429 units, mainly supplying Beiqi New Energy and Changhe Suzuki. Among them, 98,506 units of Beiqi New Energy were supplied, accounting for over 99% of the total; only 923 sets of Changhe Suzuki were supplied.

BYD's annual installed capacity is 91,858 units, mainly for two car companies: BYD and its joint venture with Daimler. Among them, 77,734 sets of BYD were supplied, accounting for over 95.5% of the total; 4,124 joint ventures were supplied.

Jiangling New Energy has a total installed capacity of 39,688 units, mainly supplying Jiangling Motors and Changan Automobile, including 30,930 Jiangling Motors, accounting for 77.9% of the total; and 8758 Changan Automobiles.

Precision Electric has a total installed capacity of 33,442 units throughout the year, supplying motors to six car companies, of which Geely Automobile has the largest number of 25,100 units, accounting for 75%.

United Electronics

The total installed capacity of United Automotive Electronics reached 33,644 units, which was mainly supplied to SAIC passenger cars, reaching 32,071 units, accounting for 96%.

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