7712D Medical Device Motor

- Mar 18, 2020-

The motor of medical device meets the emission requirements of Europe III and China III. Equipped with a new generation of saa6d114e-3 engine, the rated net power is increased from 180kW to 187kw, with more powerful power and super performance. The new high-pressure common rail transmitter realizes multiple injection, which makes combustion more full, fuel efficiency higher and fuel consumption reduced. Fully upgraded air intake system and hydraulic system, more suitable for harsh operating environment and oil products. The advanced ICT technology and intelligent human-computer interaction can be applied to the motor of medical devices, which can help the manipulator to save fuel and save fuel for the owner. According to the survey of customers using the product: the power, speed, composite operation performance, stability and operation volume of the machine are very good; the fuel consumption is not high, and the energy-saving prompt function is particularly helpful, and the regular operation SMS and mobile app system can help the owner to master the machine condition in real time.


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