A New Generation Of Common Device Management Tools - Improving Maintenance Efficiency

- Nov 26, 2018-

A new generation of common device management tools - improving maintenance efficiency

The latest version of FieldMate includes many new features, provides more intuitive visual pressure calibration data, and provides a powerful new interface for devices connected to the host network based on non-standard protocols to communicate directly with FieldMate.

Development background

FieldMate runs on a PC to configure, adjust, and manage plant equipment. FieldMate supports a wide range of digital communication standards to connect and manage devices from many different manufacturers. This is a popular software tool that has been installed on more than 10,000 systems since 2006. Yokogawa is constantly updating this maintenance program to add new features.

Features added in version 3.03 make it easier to adjust, check, and calibrate devices, facilitate field and office personnel to share repair information, and connect devices and instruments that use non-standard communication protocols.

Functional enhancement

New features that make differential pressure/pressure transmitter calibration easier. Field devices must be calibrated periodically to maintain their accuracy. Differential pressure/pressure transmitters are widely used in factories where their calibration requires skilled service personnel. To calibrate the transmitter, the field engineer must apply pressure with a hand pump, measure pressure with a pressure calibrator and transmitter, and manually record the readings produced by the transmitter. The same procedure must be repeated at different standard pressure levels. Version 3.03 adds a new feature that displays pressure from the pressure calibrator and transmitter readings in real time and automatically records the calibrated data. With this feature, even inexperienced service personnel can easily calibrate these devices.

Enhance visualization and identify historical data needed for device degradation. The latest version of FieldMate is equipped with a new feature that displays measurement data graphically, which is very useful. For example, it is used in conjunction with a function that displays a list of diagnostic data to help maintenance personnel identify field devices and other types of equipment that require maintenance based on the amount of compensation for field instrument zeroing. Previously, this identification required a lot of experience in analyzing measurement data. The use of this new feature improves the visualization of data, even for inexperienced maintenance personnel.

The new external interface now has a new external interface that makes it easy to connect to host systems, including cloud-dependent systems. In this way, the user can easily share the maintenance report generated by FieldMate with the colleagues in the office at the office.

In addition, although FieldMate supports the major communication protocols used by field devices, some plants still rely on field devices and other types of devices that use unique, non-standard communication protocols. A new external interface allows FieldMate to connect and process data from devices that use non-standard protocols.

Main target market

Equipment maintenance management departments for process industries such as petroleum, petrochemical, chemical, pulp and paper, pharmaceutical, food and steel.


Configuration, adjustment and troubleshooting of analyzers and other types of field devices in the plant, as well as information management of these devices.

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