A Total Investment Of 15.8 Billion Yuan Magnetic Levitation Wind Turbine Project Settled In Labuan

- Oct 23, 2018-

A total investment of 15.8 billion yuan magnetic levitation wind turbine project settled in Labuan

Asian Fluid Network August 20, a few days ago, China Principal (Hong Kong) Group Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Tamar Wind Energy Technology Co., Ltd. and Nayong signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement for magnetic levitation wind turbine manufacturing projects, agreed to enter the country in October this year Hey, investing 15.8 billion yuan to start a magnetic suspension wind turbine production project.

The magnetic levitation wind turbine manufacturing project will be stationed in the Nayong Economic Development Zone. The project mainly produces magnetic levitation wind turbines, wind-solar complementary street lamps, LED lights, and permanent magnet assemblies.

Both companies are the vanguards in the field of new energy. Wang Mingchun, Chairman of China Principal (Hong Kong) Group Co., Ltd. and Lin Wenqi, General Manager of Shenzhen Tamar Fengguang Energy Technology Co., Ltd. believe that Labuan has a good natural environment and excellent government services, and is an ideal place for investment and development.

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