A Variety Of Solutions To Meet The Needs Of Automotive Control

- Nov 10, 2018-

A variety of solutions to meet the needs of automotive control

Generally speaking, the drive system of a new energy vehicle can be roughly divided into two parts: the main drive and the auxiliary drive. The main drive is used for vehicle power control, and the permanent magnet synchronous motor is often used. The auxiliary drive is used for power steering, air pump, oil pump, etc., which makes the corresponding driving methods different.

Mr. Fang Yichen said: "Because different types of motors are used, the technical characteristics of the main drive and the auxiliary drive are different. Especially the control of the permanent magnet synchronous motor is complicated and much more difficult. It requires the manufacturer to master a variety of advanced. Control algorithms (such as weak magnetic control technology); In addition, a major demand trend in the new energy vehicle market is that all-in-one integrated products are increasingly favored, requiring main drive, auxiliary drive, DC/DC, High-voltage power distribution and so on are integrated in the same chassis to meet the requirements of automotive electronics for high compactness of components. According to reports, Jitaike New Energy Automotive Motor Controller is compatible with AC asynchronous motor and permanent magnet synchronous motor drive. It includes a variety of control integrated combination schemes (6-in-1, 4-in-1, etc.), featuring high protection level and high power density, and is highly recognized by customers with excellent stability and safety.

The motor controller products currently developed by Gitaike cover all the motor drive components of new energy vehicles. The power range is 3-280KW. The motor drive effects of the products have reached the domestic advanced level and are widely used in pure electric and hybrid. Various models such as dual-source trackless and passenger cars have performed well in main drive, auxiliary drive and power generation, and have been adopted in batches by many domestic car manufacturers. In 2014, Jitaike successfully passed the ISO/TS16949 international automobile quality system standard certification, which also marks the company's quality certification system has risen to a new height, providing a strong guarantee for enterprises to fully develop the domestic and international new energy vehicle controller market. .

With the acceleration of subsidies for the domestic new energy vehicle market in the future, as part of the industrial supply chain, Mr. Fang Yichen believes that the technical development of the new energy vehicle motor controller focuses on how to increase the power density. He said: “We The goal is to maximize the potential of the motor and IGBT to reduce the cost per unit volume, for example, by using excellent drive control algorithms and simulation model design, the IGBT's power density is higher, the motor's operating efficiency and Better matching, etc. These are the important directions we will explore next."

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