ABB Launches M2BA Series High Efficiency Motor

- Oct 09, 2018-

In 2011, Shanghai ABB Motor Co., Ltd. introduced the M2BA series of new high-efficiency three-phase AC asynchronous motors positioned for general industrial use in response to the diverse needs of customers in the growing efficient motor market. This new product range further expands ABB's range of high-efficiency motor products and strengthens ABB's leadership in the motor market.

M2BA series motors are upgraded products of ABB M2QA series motors. They are specially designed for OEM customers who purchase motors in large quantities. They are extremely suitable for occasions with simple working conditions and practical considerations, including fans, pumps and reducers. Can be widely used in light industry, machine tools, food chemicals, water treatment, building and building, paper, metallurgy and other industries.

Although positioned for general use in the industrial sector, this series of motors still retains the outstanding advantages of ABB's high efficiency and high stability, and is one of ABB's globally standardized products. The design complies with the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and European Standards (EN), meets the (IEC) IE2 high efficiency rating and the Chinese motor energy efficiency standard level 2, and has obtained China's energy-saving product certification, and was selected into the national high-efficiency motor energy-saving project. .

Product parameters are as follows:

Power range:

2P: 0.37kW-355kW

4P: 0.25kW-355kW

6P: 0.18kW-250kW

Installation method: B3, B5, B35, B14, etc.

Protection level: IP55

Cooling method: IC411

Voltage: 690V

Cast iron base: H71-H355

Insulation / temperature rise level: F / B

The stator winding is equipped with three 150 degree PTC thermistors

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