ABB Officially Launched Two High-performance Motor Products To The Chinese Market

- Nov 20, 2018-

ABB officially launched two high-performance motor products to the Chinese market

On June 29, 2017, ABB, the global technology leader, officially launched two high-performance motor products to the Chinese market in the “Power and Automation World” event in Hangzhou, Zhejiang – HDS series for precise motion and position control. Permanent magnet AC synchronous servo motor and ABBAbilityTM smart sensor for easy low-voltage motor condition monitoring.

HDS series permanent magnet AC synchronous servo motor is a high performance, cost-effective universal servo motor developed and introduced by ABB for the Chinese market. It has high torque density, high response and high stability performance characteristics to meet precise motion and position. control. This servo motor uses NdFeB NdFeB permanent magnet material, which has ultra-high internal coercivity. Its excellent overload capability can achieve standard three times peak torque, while low cogging torque and torque ripple ensure excellent performance. Low speed and system control performance, feedback optional HyperfaceDSL single cable solution, easy to install, with less wiring, smaller space requirements, to bring the overall cost reduction for users.

“With the continuous upgrading of manufacturing industry and the rapid development of manufacturing technology, the demand for servo drive equipment in the electromechanical industry is growing. ABB started to deploy servo motor business in China in the second half of 2014. It was first established in Shanghai in March 2015. Servo motor in China production line, and built a new generation of servo motor production line in the second half of 2016. This HDS series permanent magnet AC synchronous servo motor is developed and produced locally for the Chinese market." ABB servo motor product manager Lin Ting said. HDS series permanent magnet AC synchronous servo motors have a wide range of applications, such as electronics, printing, medical, new energy, high-speed logistics and many other industries. Its flexible design makes it easy to customize to meet different applications.

Another new product released by ABB Motors during the “Power and Automation World” event is the ABBAbilityTM Smart Sensor, which makes it easy to monitor low-voltage motor conditions. After the debut of the smart product at the Hannover Messe 2016, it received wide attention in the industry. At the new product launch conference on June 29, this star product was officially launched to the Chinese market.

Smart sensors are like wearing a healthy watch on the motor, regularly and accurately monitoring motor operation and health data, and sending the data to a secure cloud server via a smartphone. Subsequently, the data was analyzed and analyzed by ABB's accumulated algorithms for decades, and the results were pushed to the user's smartphone terminal or user-specific platform. Once the motor problem is detected, the system will send an alert message to the customer. This smart sensor reduces unplanned downtime by up to 70%, extends motor life by up to 30%, and increases energy efficiency by up to 10%. These quantifiable added value means that the investment can be recovered within one year.

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