ABB Supports Local Urban Rail Transit Development With Local Manufacturing

- Nov 07, 2018-

ABB supports local urban rail transit development with local manufacturing

As the latest move to deepen the local strategy, ABB's traction motors for urban rail vehicles have recently achieved localized production in Shanghai. The first batch of traction motors have completed routine tests and type tests. These “Made in China” traction motors are based on ABB's globally high quality standards and are custom designed to meet the rapidly growing market demand in China's urban rail transit sector.

In recent years, with the advancement of China's new urbanization, more convenient and environmentally friendly urban rail transit has entered a period of rapid development. According to the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan”, China will actively build a one-hour commuter metropolitan area between the urban center city and the surrounding important cities in the next five years; continue to improve the super-large and mega-city rail transit network, and accelerate the urban rail transit of over 3 million people. Net; the new urban rail transit operation mileage is about 3,000 kilometers.

As one of the core technologies of urban rail vehicles, traction drive technology determines the power quality, energy consumption and control characteristics of the vehicle to a certain extent, and also affects the economy, comfort and reliability of the vehicle. The traction motor is an important part of the traction drive system. The electric energy obtained by the vehicle from the railway contact net or the contact rail is converted into kinetic energy by the traction motor and the mechanical transmission, so that the vehicle generates forward traction or backward braking force.

In order to better support the development of China's rail transit, ABB decided to invest in the construction of traction motor production lines in Shanghai in early 2015, and meet the market demand in the field of rail transit equipment through traction motor products with compact structure, stable performance, low noise and low vibration. Not only that, but relying on more than 100 years of experience in motor technology precipitation and rail traction applications, ABB also helps users to provide customized design and production according to different operating environments and technical requirements.

For example, in the modern tram project of Wuhan East Lake High-tech Zone, ABB fully considers the small installation space of 100% low-floor tram and the terrain of Donghu High-tech Zone, providing traction motors with compact design and strong climbing ability for trams. In the Shanghai Metro Line 17 project, ABB conducted in-depth research on the carrying capacity of the line, the subway station spacing, and the subway stop time, and designed a motor product with a maximum power rating of 230 kW to meet the requirements of full electric braking. . At present, ABB traction motors have been widely used in Guangzhou Metro Line 9, Nanjing Metro Line 1, Shenzhen Metro Line 4, Shenyang 100% low-floor modern tram, Qingdao Metro Blue Silicon Valley R1 line and many other urban rail transit projects. The construction.

At the same time, ABB is also actively participating in overseas projects of Chinese companies, supporting them to accelerate the pace of “going out”. In Izmir, Turkey, China National Railways' Tangshan Rail Bus Co., Ltd. ("Tangche") designed and manufactured 95 light rail trains for the city's No. 2 light rail project. This project puts forward many requirements for the locomotive traction motor in terms of compact design, heat dissipation, dust and moisture resistance, material grade and mechanical strength of components. In this regard, ABB optimized the design of the traction motor to fully meet the project requirements, and cooperated with Tangche to develop the Turkish rail transportation market.

As a leading global provider of urban rail transit, ABB has been actively promoting the full range of business localization including manufacturing, R&D and engineering services to better serve the Chinese market. At the end of 2010, ABB established Guangzhou ABB Microlinking Traction Equipment Co., Ltd., focusing on providing high quality and efficient rail vehicle traction system solutions for the Chinese market. In 2014, ABB established the ABB Rail Transit System Integrated R&D Center in Guangzhou to further close the market and respond quickly to customer demand for innovative rail vehicle traction systems.

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