ABB Turbocharger Boosts High-speed Diesel Engine Power

- Nov 12, 2018-

ABB turbocharger boosts high-speed diesel engine power

At the 2016 High Horse Power Summit (HighHorsePowerSummit2016), ABB introduced turbochargers for high-speed diesel engines to help users increase run time, increase power density and reduce operating costs. The series will be officially launched in 2017.

High-speed diesel engines are often faced with severe operating conditions, with a wide range of speed and load variations. The TPX44-H turbocharger is developed and designed for the operating characteristics of high-speed diesel engines. The new turbocharger is designed for engines with a rated power range of 1-3.5 megawatts and can help achieve powerful power densities for a wide range of applications from generator sets to off-road trucks.

For example, engines in a genset operate at constant speed conditions, from long-running conventional power generation applications to high-rated standby engine block applications. Mine non-road trucks are extremely demanding, and cycle applications are subject to high temperatures, low pressures, and high altitudes, often accompanied by high frequency vibrations.

Rolf Schweizer, head of global high-speed machine group at ABB Turbo Systems, said: "Maximizing operating time under severe operating conditions is a key factor in our design. Turbocharging for other large engines. Compared to this, the number of components and functional interfaces of this new product is greatly reduced. With this design, the turbocharger can ensure that the performance of high-speed diesel engines is not affected under extreme working conditions. The new TPX44-H will ABB The high reliability and durability that turbochargers are known for are brought into the field of high-speed diesel applications."


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