ABB Will Continue To Expand Polish Transformer Production Scale

- Nov 06, 2018-

ABB will continue to expand Polish transformer production scale

In 2016, ABB will expand its capacity and scope for its advanced transformer production line in Lodz, Poland. Utilizing the infrastructure of the Rhodes campus and the experience and technology of our employees is key to the continued production of high quality transformers.

ABB's manufacturing facilities in Lodz include feeder plants that produce electrical and transmission transformer components. The unit is located next to ABB's existing transformer production equipment and covers an area of 10,000 square meters. It has about 140 operators including equipment operators and logistics, procurement, quality and engineering support staff. ABB has a total of approximately 1,000 employees in the city of Lodz.

The plant produces transformer components that support ABB's existing transformer manufacturing equipment in Rhodes. These production units are manufactured with power transformers rated up to 300 megavolt-amperes and rated voltages up to 500 kV; the production of oil-filled transmission transformers is rated from 30 kV to 2300 kV. Both plants serve the European market, while the power transformer production plant serves other regions.

In addition, ABB's center in the city of Lodz offers prefabricated insulation sleeves and components for its power transformer plants in Europe, helping to reduce cycle times and costs.

This is the third time ABB has invested in Poland after the establishment of an electric motor production plant near Rhodes in recent years.

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