ABB Will Participate In The Hannover Fair To Showcase More Than 30 Innovative Solutions

- Nov 07, 2018-

ABB will participate in the Hannover Fair to showcase more than 30 innovative solutions

ABB will showcase a variety of innovative digital solutions at the Hannover Fair on April 25-29, building an IoTSP (Internet of Things, Services and People) that reflects future-oriented innovations. The theme of the integration--discovery solution is very consistent.

ABB's IoTSP philosophy includes pioneering services and solutions that are critical to all customer segments. Whether it's the utilities, industrial and transportation or infrastructure industries, ABB offers customized solutions for every customer. At that time, ABB will present a customer-oriented practical solution at the Hannover Fair, which will make IoTSP vivid and easy to understand. IoTSP solutions are designed to increase productivity, promote efficiency, and open the door to new business models. Customers can optimize their services and moderate their competitive advantage.

“In order to grow profitably now and in the future, we are shifting our focus on the IoTSP basis,” said ABB CEO Ulrich Spiesshofer. “We are connecting industrial automation and power components to the Internet, using advanced software solutions. Make it work in harmony. This will bring new service offerings and give customers a decisive competitive advantage."

ABB's IoTSP has led to a successful resource management model that interconnects things, systems, people and the continent. ABB will clearly showcase more than 30 solutions at this year's Hannover Fair.

At the world's largest industrial trade fair, ABB will present its latest technology solutions for the first time, including innovative smart sensors, a state-of-the-art solution for remote motor condition monitoring. The smart sensor measures status information such as temperature, vibration or magnetic field and transmits this information to the server. Continuously measured parameters provide the basis for complex motor state analysis. By using this solution, customers can increase productivity and uptime and prevent production disruptions through predictive maintenance. The smart sensor converts any motor into Industry 4.0.

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