Accelerate The Development Of High-end Remanufacturing And Intelligent Remanufacturing To Promote Green Development

- Nov 30, 2018-

Accelerate the development of high-end remanufacturing and intelligent remanufacturing to promote green development

In the process of remanufacturing industry development, high-end and intelligent production practices are constantly emerging, and additive technologies such as laser cladding and 3D printing are widely used in the field of remanufacturing. For example, the 5718 factory of the People's Liberation Army has remanufactured more than 40,000 aero-engine blades and safely flew for 330,000 hours on more than 1,000 engines. Its remanufacturing production also interacts positively with new product design and manufacturing, and has played a significant role in promoting technological progress. Baoshan Iron and Steel applied laser cladding and other additive remanufacturing technologies to carry out on-site remanufacturing of the damaged rolling steel frame arch. The service life of the archway function surface was extended by about 10 times. The material used was only 0.1‰ of the weight of the original machine. The remanufacturing price was only Buy 2 new products; Baoshan Iron and Steel invested in laser remanufacturing costs of about 30 million yuan, direct economic benefits reached 300 million yuan, and indirect economic benefits have exceeded 1 billion yuan. In addition, the first remanufacturing shield machine in China has safely exited the hole after completing the first tunneling task. The quality, performance, reliability and energy saving effect of the shield machine are widely praised. China Electric Power 12 also made positive progress in the research and development and application of remanufacturing technology for key components of medical imaging equipment. The new development trend in these remanufacturing fields presents a common feature, which is to focus on key equipment with important strategic functions and great economic driving potential. With high technology content, high reliability requirements and high added value as core characteristics, energy conservation and energy conservation are enhanced. At the same time of recycling resources, we can feed back new products and design and promote the breakthrough of cutting-edge equipment technology.

Academician Xu Binshi, the main advocate and pioneer of remanufacturing in China, and his team, as well as the equipment diagnostic engineering expert Gao Jinji and his team have also done a lot of analysis and research, and believe that further focus on high-end intelligent remanufacturing and in-service remanufacturing is in line with remanufacturing. The direction of industrial development is in line with the actual needs of China's high-end intelligent equipment manufacturing, operation and maintenance from large to strong, which is conducive to enhancing the ability of major strategic equipment operation support, and is conducive to deepening the supply-side structural reform, which is conducive to promoting enterprises to reduce costs. Effectiveness is conducive to promoting green growth.

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