Accelerate The Layout Of The Industrial Internet Of Things, And Achieve A Gorgeous Turn In The Era Of Industry 4.0

- Nov 12, 2018-

Affected by the decline in traditional product growth, TECO also began to deploy industrial Internet of Things, smart grid, and green energy technology.

Heavy-duty and electronic control products: Dongyuan's main revenue source, in 2015, accounted for more than half of the total revenue of 56%, heavy-duty products in the domestic market share of general-purpose motors, nearly 50%, in special-purpose, special-size motors are based on customers Demand is customized, the gross profit margin is high (the large industrial motor can reach 50%, the small motor gross profit is 2-3%), and the TECO product ranks in the top five in the world.

Electronic control products: The development of the heavy-duty industry is related to the most terminal: "power terminal" control components. The industrial structure is to provide motor control components such as inverters, servo drives and peripheral protection low-voltage appliances, to meet the safety and automation and energy-saving products of industrial power.

Home appliances and air-conditioning products: Home appliances include household air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, dehumidifiers, dryers, LCD monitors, air cleaners, etc., and Dongyuan is also the first in China to use R32 environmental protection. Refrigerant home power plant.

Dongyuan is the top three domestic power plants, with 10~15% market share for various household appliances, 9% for household air conditioners, and 35% for commercial air conditioners.

Other products and services include:

Green energy motor products (vehicle motors, small inverter motors, small generators, etc.), new energy products (wind turbine equipment, solar power generation related equipment, etc.), smart systems (to undertake various wafer business and system such as finance and medical care) Integration) and electric power business (professional power equipment and system related equipment supply)

Product sales market and competitors

Heavy-duty and electronic control products: mainly for export, the proportion is nearly 80%. The motor products are the top three markets in North America, China and Taiwan. In recent years, they have actively deployed Southeast Asia and India.

Domestic competitors include Shidian, Zhongxing, Yali and Huacheng. The industrial motor market ranks third in the world, second only to European manufacturers ABB and SIEMENS.

Home appliances and air-conditioning products: mainly for domestic sales, home appliances are highly competitive, competitors include Dongyuan, Datong, Shengbao, Panasonic, Chi Mei, BENQ, SONY, Hitachi, LG, etc.

Wind power related equipment: Southeast Asia (Vietnam), China

The gross profit margin of TECO is quite stable. In the home appliance and heavy electricity industries, the company has surpassed its rivals. The 2016Q1 acquisition of the Italian deceleration plant Motovario adjusted the product structure to increase the gross profit margin.

Operational overview

Development of Industrial Internet of Things

The development of TECO Motor is moving towards green energy and intelligence. Focusing on the concept of sustainable energy and the Internet of Things, according to the information of IEK of the Industrial Technology Research Institute, the growth momentum and demand of the global traditional machine tool industry slow down, 2016 Global output is expected to fall by 8.5%. Manufacturers must start to develop new fields. TECO's motor products are competitive in addition to their long history. High-efficiency motors and smart motors are the main products of TECO.

Industry 4.0

The industry 4.0 era products focus on a wide-ranging and immediate response to the operation and emergencies of production, and the motor is the heart of industry, and the motor plays an important role in the industry 4.0 era. TECO develops smart motors and establishes a smart motor monitoring system. Through the network, users can obtain real-time operation information such as voltage, current, temperature and vibration of the motor through smart devices and other devices, and provide alarm and warning functions. In addition to controlling and providing solutions at any time, through the use of electricity statistics, it can also achieve energy saving and power saving. Therefore, smart motors are especially suitable for industries such as steel, petrochemical, electric power and production environment.

In addition, the servo drive is also one of TECO's product projects. The new generation of servo drives is more convenient to use in addition to performance upgrades. It can be applied not only to processing machines, but also to robotic applications. Product strategy Sales of system products including servo motors.

High efficiency motor

Some advanced countries have begun to adopt industrial motors with IE3 efficiency grades (the International Electrotechnical Commission's IEC-developed energy efficiency standards). High-efficiency motors have the effect of energy saving and carbon reduction. TECO has developed IE4 and IE5 grade motors. With the intelligent motor cloud monitoring technology of TECO, the value will be increased. In the process of gradually changing international specifications, the number of manufacturers will be reduced, and the orders of TECO in Japan and Southeast Asia will grow rapidly.

Industry overview

From the perspective of the robot industry, according to Freedonia's estimation, the demand for global robots will grow rapidly in the future. By 2021, the global market demand will reach 33.4 billion US dollars, which is the field of concern for many Taiwanese manufacturers at this stage.

Taiwan's industrial robot industry has invested in components such as component manufacturing, module manufacturing, and robot production assembly. The motor produced by TECO is in the manufacturing of components, but at the current stage of robot manufacturers, servo motors. Mostly provided by Japanese factories, but the automation control components are Taiwanese manufacturers' strengths, and the performance and competitiveness of TECO Motors are expected to strengthen.

The wisdom and automation of Industry 4.0 is the trend of overall industrial development. The industrial 4.0-level smart motor business opportunity launched by TECO is huge, and its global customers include Japan, Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Germany, Italy and so on.

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