Achieving Strategic Consensus On Industrial Network Security With Andian Technology

- Dec 05, 2018-

Achieving strategic consensus on industrial network security with Andian Technology

On March 13th, Yokogawa Electric Co., Ltd. (YOKOGAWA) Overseas Director Mr. Chen Zhong, Head of Product Division Mr. Okamoto Hiroshi, and other corporate executives, technical R&D leaders, and marketing leaders visited Andian Technology Headquarters. Mr. Yang Lei, Senior Vice President of Point Technology, Mr. Yan Ning, Director of R&D Center, and other company leaders and experts discussed the multi-faceted strategic cooperation between the two parties.

Yokogawa Electric Co., Ltd. (YOKOGAWA) is a diversified global manufacturer of industrial automation control systems, information systems, and measurement systems. It is also an important strategic partner of Antech. Currently, both parties are in product development, technical services, marketing, etc. The field has been fully integrated.

The Japanese guests visited the Advanced Technology Laboratory of Andian. Mr. Yan Ning, Director of R&D of Andian Technology, introduced the unique advantages and latest research results of Andian Technology in industrial network information security threat identification technology and dynamic defense technology. The two sides discussed the technical details in detail.

Mr. Suining said: “An Point Technology relies on its own continuous research on safety technology and its keen insight into the needs of the industry to help corporate users reduce the sustainability caused by the network security risks brought about by industrial production system informationization. Or significant losses to help gain a strategic competitive advantage."

Subsequently, the technicians of Ande Technology demonstrated to the Japanese guests a variety of technical countermeasures and corresponding technical countermeasures for Yokogawa industrial control equipment and information systems in industrial production environments.

During the technical discussion process, the two sides discussed the industrial automation technology and information security technology. Mr. Suining elaborated on the working principle and application scenarios of the gatekeeper products based on PLC architecture pioneered by Andian Technology.

Okamoto Hiroshi, head of the product division of Yokogawa Electric Co., Ltd., said: "Industrial information security is a common challenge facing the world. The official implementation of the "Network Security Law" and the introduction of the "Guidelines for Information Security Protection of Industrial Control Systems" show the world The Chinese government's determination and attitude to solve this problem. It is very gratifying to see that China has emerged as an excellent industrial information security enterprise such as Andian Technology. In the future, the two sides will continue to cooperate and further integrate industrial automation technology and information security technology to develop better. The products and solutions will be returned to the users. The next step will strengthen cooperation in market strategy and technical service, and serve the users together."

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