Advantages And Classification Of Direct Drive Motors

- Sep 26, 2018-

What is the direct drive motor?

The direct drive motor is a direct drive motor which can directly convert electrical energy into motion mechanical energy without any intermediate conversion mechanism. The direct drive motor is a direct drive motor which adopts the "direct drive technology".

2. Advantages of direct drive motor

Direct drive.Between the motor and the driven workpiece, the rigid connection is adopted directly, without the need of intermediate links such as screw, gear and reducer, which can avoid the problem of reverse clearance, inertia, friction and insufficient rigidity in the transmission screw transmission system to the greatest extent.

High speed.The normal peak speed of linear motor can reach 5-10m/s;The speed of traditional ball screw is limited to 1m/s and the wear rate is higher.

3. High acceleration.Because there is no contact friction between the stator and the rotor, the linear motor can achieve high acceleration.The larger linear motor has the ability to achieve acceleration of 3-5g, and the smaller linear motor can achieve more than 30-50g (welding line machine);Usually DDR is applied to high acceleration, while DDL is applied to high speed and high acceleration.

High accuracy.Due to the direct drive technology, the error caused by the intermediate mechanical drive system is greatly reduced.By using high-precision grating detection for position positioning, the system accuracy can be improved, so that the repeated positioning accuracy can reach within 1um and meet the application of ultra-precision.

5. Wide range of motion speed.The speed of linear motor can be as low as 1um/s and as high as 10m/s to meet the requirements of various occasions.

6. Low noise, simple structure, low maintenance cost, and can operate in a dust-free environment, etc.

Classification of direct drive motor

Direct drive motor is mainly divided into linear motor (linear motor), voice coil motor, torque motor (DD motor) three types.

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