Air Compressor Industry Solution Demonstration

- Nov 16, 2018-

Air compressor industry solution demonstration

The air compressor control system uses a sinusoidal electrical EM500 inverter to drive a synchronous motor or drive an asynchronous motor. The system can save the air compressor logic controller, but maintain the complete load valve control logic, sleep logic, maintenance time statistics and other functions; in addition, can also save PT100 (oil temperature only supports PT100) / PT1000 / KTY84 / PTC sensor signal converters, etc., minimize the cost of the overall control solution. At the same time, the system can be expanded into a dual-frequency control system to make the oil temperature more stable.

Electric vehicle drive control system

Sinusoidal electric masters the core control technology of motor drive, and has perfect industrial design and production capacity. In the new energy vehicle power control system, there are a wealth of product series: main drive motor controller, EHPS steering pump controller, DCDC controller The power covers 2.2KW-132KW; it is widely used in pure electric passenger vehicles, pure electric cargo transport vehicles, pure electric mini vehicles.

Overview of features:

Control mode: speed sensor vector control, speed sensorless vector control

Compatible with AC asynchronous motor and permanent magnet synchronous motor control algorithm

 Wide speed range and excellent field weakening performance

 Support encoder: ABZ incremental encoder, resolver, Hall sensor

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