Air Conditioning Motor Market Unpopular, DC Into A Breakthrough Vane

- Jul 28, 2017-

2017 cold years, air-conditioning industry chain into a "fanatical" production model. Beginning in August 2016, air conditioning shipments soared, the upstream is always in short supply. By 2017, sales of air conditioners were booming. Air conditioning sales growth alarming, although the upstream air conditioner industry chain pressure doubled, but still full of confidence, especially air-conditioning motor companies. Industry online data show that only in April 2017, air conditioner sales of 24 million 280 thousand units, an increase of 18.0%.

Industry online: 2014-2017 cold year air conditioning motor domestic sales trend

In fact, behind the hot market, full attention to market trends Welling on new years of cold production and marketing situation of reservations: the high inventory can not effectively digest, is expected next year will decline the empty pumping production is more serious than in 2016. Therefore, in the tight scheduling at the same time, Welling is also looking for breakthroughs in technology, product structure, and seek transformation. How to upgrade the technology and upgrade the product structure is in line with the trend of the market? Welling is thinking about it

For consumers, they are more inclined to choose intelligent, multi-function, mute air-conditioning. For intelligent, energy-saving, mute function of the air conditioning unit, a good air-conditioning motor is very important. In the industry, "inverter" and "DC" has gradually become an important direction of air conditioning motor product structure upgrade, the outlook has always been promising. Welling in the brushless DC product technology innovation, has long been aimed at market demand, launched a split air conditioning indoor fan, brushless DC motor and outdoor fan, brushless DC motor and other DC motor products. Welling staff, Welling brushless DC motor is AC motor, the energy saving effect is obvious, the permanent magnetic drive can realize air conditioning mute operation, brushless motor speed adjustable technology by changing the voltage or current regulation, more accurate.

In addition, in order to achieve the whole air conditioner the silencing effect of Welling brushless DC motor of air conditioner using BMC resin plastic shell vibration motor, durability and safety is greatly improved, in the process of packaging, to further weaken the noise. Welling brushless DC motor adopts FOC sine wave space vector control system. It can improve the low speed current waveform and save energy while optimizing the noise and vibration of the motor.

The characteristics of low noise and energy saving make the market advantage of air conditioning DC motor gradually obvious. Combined with the "hot" air conditioner market in 2017, the air conditioner DC motor can meet the market demand more. In addition to air-conditioning field, DC motors in washing machines, dishwashers and other categories of home appliances, due to consumer demand for product quality improved, and has been favored by home appliance manufacturers, and gradually usher in a better future.

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