Analysis Of China's Stepper Motor Manufacturing Industry Trends And Development Prospects In 2018 Stepper Motor Introduction

- Dec 04, 2018-

Analysis of China's Stepper Motor Manufacturing Industry Trends and Development Prospects in 2018

Stepper motor introduction

Stepper motor, a typical motion control motor, is an actuator in an information and automation control system. The principle of the stepping motor is an open-loop control element that converts the electric pulse signal into an angular displacement or a linear displacement. According to the pulse signal, the stepping motor rotates at a fixed angle (step angle) according to the set direction, and controls the angle by controlling the number of pulses. The amount of displacement can achieve the purpose of accurate positioning.

Stepper motors have many advantages, such as: brushless structure, high reliability compared to traditional motors; easy to start and stop and reverse, dynamic response is fast; self-locking when holding, maintaining torque.

At present, the widely used stepping motors in the market are hybrid stepping motors (Hybrid Stepping Motors) and permanent magnet stepping motors (Permanent Magnet Stepping Motors, PM stepping motors), and VR stepping motors have been basically eliminated. HB stepping motor can realize very precise small incremental step movement, which can meet complex and precise linear motion control requirements; PM stepping motor has relatively small torque and volume, low control precision and low output torque. Is a more economical option. Due to technological development and industrial application requirements, PM stepper motors are subdivided into linear and rotary types.

Stepper motor industry chain

Stepper motors have a wide range of applications, such as office automation, factory automation, medical equipment, measuring instruments, bank ATM equipment, automobiles, entertainment equipment, communications equipment, stage lighting and other fields. The rise of emerging industries, such as 3D printing, solar power, automotive motor applications, has created new market space.

Stepper motor industry development trend

The future development direction of stepper motor is from open loop to closed loop, integrated with driver and servo system. The development of stepper motor and driver integration, and the development of BIDCM (rare earth permanent magnet brushless DC motor) AC servo motor system are two important trends. Stepper motors have gradually used full-closed control and have the function of servo motor. In the future, stepper motors will be smaller in size, superior in performance, and more cost-effective. They will be used in batches in household equipment such as home robots and civilian intelligent devices.

Stepper motor industry development prospects

With the improvement of industrial automation, the demand for stepper motors in emerging economies is increasing. Stepper motors have penetrated into multiple economic sectors and are still deepening, such as computers, communications equipment, office automation, industrial automation, banking equipment and other fields. In the future, many manufacturing and application fields involving people's daily clothing, food, housing, and transportation are constantly upgrading, and emerging industries are emerging, which will place new demands on stepping motors.

Forward-looking Industrial Research Institute believes that in 2018-2023, China's stepper motor manufacturing industry market will maintain an average annual growth rate of 5.1%. Optimistic expectations, by 2023, the industry market size is expected to exceed 18 billion yuan.

At present, the production volume and demand of stepping motors are huge. Stepper motors are the most widely used third-class motors in addition to DC motors and AC motors. In open-loop high-resolution positioning systems, no more suitable products have been found to replace them, especially in some systems with low power. Among them, stepper motors have an irreplaceable mainstream position and thus have maintained a large market demand. At the same time, the downstream application field of stepper motors is deepening and new market demand is derived.


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