Analysis Of Development Trend Of Micro-motor Manufacturing Industry

- Nov 15, 2018-

Analysis of development trend of micro-motor manufacturing industry

The market is driving the development of the industry, and science is promoting the renewal of technology. This is the development path of all manufacturing industries today, including the micro-motor manufacturing industry. Micro-motor manufacturing technology is an important guarantee and means to achieve micro-motor design goals, ensure product consistency, stability and improve product production efficiency, reduce manufacturing costs, and meet the growing needs of the market. Therefore, many companies currently attach importance to micro-motors. Research and development of manufacturing technology. In this article, Xiaobian will take stock of the development trend of micro-motor manufacturing technology. Only by grasping the trend and taking advantage of the trend can the company achieve its future.

Scale becomes a universal model for mass production

Production scale, manufacturing and inspection automation can achieve high labor productivity and high quality products, which is an inevitable trend in the development of micro-motor manufacturing. Production mode intensification, production automation and specialization, and production collaboration network can enable large-scale production of micro-motors to achieve economies of scale.

Combining advanced process technology with modern organization management, improving material utilization rate and reducing process cost will be the direction of large-scale production enterprises.

In large-scale production, the drive and control circuits are developing in the direction of integration, specialization and mechatronics. After the motor is driven and controlled by the integrated circuit, the biggest advantage is that the circuit is simplified, the manufacturing process is simplified, and the accuracy and reliability can be driven to improve the cost.

Flexibility, reliability - the key to multi-variety small batch production

With the intensification of competition in the international market, the market life of micro-motor products has become shorter and shorter, and many varieties and small batches have become the production mode of more and more enterprises. Nowadays, the micro-motor manufacturing industry attaches great importance to the flexible production of electric motors, in order to overcome the difficulties in the production organization of micro-motors characterized by many varieties and small batches.

R&D and production enterprises characterized by small and medium-sized batches should have sufficient flexibility in the production system, resource allocation of people and materials, etc., in order to enhance the rapid response capability to cope with the changing needs of the market; At the same time of quality, fully consider the production cycle, cost, and based on the characteristics and production capacity of the company, and actively adopt advanced technology and equipment at home and abroad that suits its own characteristics, and continuously improve the technological level of the enterprise. At the same time, we should consider the coordination of various production links, and focus on solving the process bottlenecks and narrow process problems that affect production.

The reliability of micro-motors in small batch production mode is currently the focus of attention, especially high-precision signal motors and servo motors are more important. In the aspects of reliability design, production equipment, testing equipment, purchased equipment, production process and product use, the excellent process is an important guarantee for the reliability growth in the production process. For example, the insulation reliability of the micro-motor, the reliability requirements of the use environment, the commutator of the DC motor - the contact reliability of the brush - spring, the surface protection of the magnetic steel and its bonding reliability, and the assembly process, etc. It is a problem that needs to be solved in the reliability process of multi-variety small-quantity micro-motors.

Advance numerical control technology and efficient, precision machining

With the continuous improvement of the precision and reliability of the manufacturing of micro-motors and the continuous development of manufacturing technology, in order to ensure the high standards and quality stability of products, automated production is used in the production process, and a large number of precision machinery and numerical control equipment are used. Special equipment for micro-motor manufacturing has become a reality, and it is also a trend in the future production of micro-motors.

Development towards less cutting

In the production, the cutting process will be widely used to improve production efficiency, save materials and save energy, thereby reducing costs and improving product competitiveness.

Extensive professional collaborative production

In the production mode, it is necessary to vigorously develop professional cooperation, which is an inevitable requirement and inevitable trend of large-scale production of micro-motors. Enterprises can only produce key parts, important parts, production and assembly, testing, etc., and the processing of the remaining parts can be outsourced.

New technology, new equipment, new materials research

With the development and application of new principles and new structure micro-motors, some traditional manufacturing processes have been unable to meet the requirements, and new requirements and challenges have been put forward for materials and manufacturing technologies. On the one hand, it is necessary to study new materials, new processes, and new tooling equipment to meet product performance, function and manufacturing process requirements; on the other hand, with the deepening of basic research, the emergence of new processes and new materials, it is also necessary to solve the use of Problems and efficient and low-cost industrial production problems.

For example, the piezoelectric ceramic materials of ultrasonic motors, the performance and life of friction materials, and the bonding processes such as bonding also restrict the industrialization of such motors. In the production of micro-motors with development advantages such as slotless motor, ironless motor, brushless motor, wound disk motor, cup motor and linear motor, its efficient, economical and easy-to-operate batch production process Research is even more important.

Efficient production and innovation become the key to development

In summary, whether it is mass production, or multi-variety small batch production, whether it is the introduction of numerical control technology, precision machining, or no cutting process, the purpose of the enterprise is to provide production efficiency and improve product quality. The company's research on new processes, new equipment and new materials is for innovation. Only by enhancing product development capability and manufacturing capability can enterprises promote the development of China's micro-motor manufacturing technology and improve the international competitiveness of China's micro-motor industry.

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