Analysis Of Global Nuclear Power Turbine Generator Market In The Next 5 Years

- Nov 05, 2018-

Analysis of global nuclear power turbine generator market in the next 5 years

According to the latest TMR research report, by 2020, the global nuclear power turbine generator set market will increase to 15.61 billion US dollars, and the annual compound growth rate during the period 2014-2020 is as high as 12%.

The report pointed out that the growth of global electricity demand is the main reason for the steady growth of demand for nuclear power turbine generator sets. At the same time, the nuclear-free policies of a few countries will also constrain the development of this market. For example, since the Fukushima nuclear accident, Japan has entered the zero-core era, and Germany has also announced the phase-out of nuclear power plants and the development of renewable energy.

From the perspective of regional markets, Europe remains the world's largest nuclear power regional market. Followed by the Asia Pacific region and North America. India, South Korea and China are the three countries with relatively rapid development of nuclear power in the Asia-Pacific region. They will also be the three markets with the largest demand for nuclear power turbine generators in the region.

In recent years, the market for nuclear power turbine generators in North America, represented by the United States, has grown steadily, but the decline in natural gas prices has affected the growth rate of nuclear power turbine generators in North America to some extent.

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