Analysis Of Motor Electric Control Market Scale Of China's New Energy Vehicles In 2017

- Sep 06, 2017-

  1.  the motor control determines the main handling performance of the new energy vehicles

New energy vehicle performance by the power battery, drive motor and motor controller composed of three core components, wherein the driving motor is the power source of new energy vehicles, equivalent fuel car engines; motor controller to drive motor control device. New energy vehicle operation, the brake signal is detected by the throttle and vehicle controller, and transmits the torque command to the motor controller, the drive motor control voltage and current, complete control of motor torque. In addition, the auxiliary battery is controlled by the DC/DC power converter to realize the power transmission, the 12V electronic circuit power supply and the battery balanced storage. As each of the pure electric vehicles or hybrid vehicles need to be equipped with a drive motor system, therefore, the growth of new energy vehicles production or sales will drive the motor.

Special vehicle policy empty window end, the future will become the main growth point. Since the beginning of 2016 verification cheat up, the new energy vehicle policy into a lockout, annual time special vehicle orders remain in the protocol level, until the December 2, 2016 release of the fourth batch of promotion directory includes the first 176 pure electric car logistics, means that the final implementation of the new energy vehicle control promotion policy the variable, the end of the month the fifth batch of catalog landing to further solve the special garage backlog and car enterprises legitimate sales. In 2017, the six batch of new energy vehicles promotion catalog, special vehicles totaling 521 models, accounting for 26.3% of the total number of models. With the gradual landing of industrial policy, the new energy special car market is expected to usher in rapid growth in the future.

2. rare earth resources endowment and IGBT import substitution still have to reduce the space

According to the disclosure, sintered NdFeB magnets (magnetic steel) and insulated gate bipolar transistors (IGBT) are important materials for motor electric control. In 2014, the cost of magnet steel accounted for 13% of the cost of permanent magnet synchronous motors, and IGBT accounted for 41% of the cost of synchronous controllers. Rare earth resources and technology short board respectively affect the competitive situation of motor and electronic control industry and the potential of future cost reduction.

Permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) has become the mainstream of drive motor in China to improve the power performance of new energy vehicles. Compared with DC motor and AC asynchronous motor, permanent magnet synchronous motor can provide maximum power output and acceleration at the same mass and volume. At the same time, permanent magnet synchronous motor also has the characteristics of weak interference, simple structure, good speed regulation and less noise. It represents the development direction of the drive motor of pure electric vehicles. In 2016, the permanent magnet synchronous motor installed capacity of over 450 thousand units, accounting for 75.9%, in the passenger car penetration field of permanent magnet and even reached 83%, at present, BYD, Yutong Bus, Anhui Juyi, United automotive electronic enterprises all electrical products are used in permanent magnet synchronous technology.

Rare earth resources rich, help domestic motor manufacturers to develop permanent magnet synchronous route, will help China automotive power technology catch up with the world's leading level. China is the world's largest country in rare earth resources. According to the data show that in 2016, China's rare earth reserves of 36% of the world, mining accounted for 83% of the world, of which 2/3 of domestic use, relatively abundant rare earth resources, to promote the development of domestic permanent magnet technology. Due to the uneven distribution of rare earth resources, some foreign manufacturers research and develop switched reluctance motors. The latter does not need rare earth and copper material. At present, the disadvantage is concentrated in torque ripple and noise, which puts forward higher requirements for electromagnetic calculation, motor structure design and control system. Densan (Nideke) began production of switched reluctance motor in 2012, used in the MITSUBISHI iMiEV, Land Rover Defender and other models.

In the long run, with the motor controller hardware part of the decline in raw material costs and further enhance corporate profit margins or through technology to achieve electronic enterprises to master the advanced control technology will have a space for one person in the future market.

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