Analysis Of Overseas M&A Tides Of Local Motor Companies, Responding To The Impact Of New Energy Tides By “changing Lanes And Overtaking”

- Dec 10, 2018-

Analysis of overseas M&A tides of local motor companies, responding to the impact of new energy tides by “changing lanes and overtaking”

“As a long-term supplier of parts for transmissions, I heard a drive technology that no longer needs a transmission. To be honest, it’s shocking, and there’s a bit of hatred. How many parts and companies behind a transmission are going to be This technology has not been done. Later, I can't think of waiting for others to come to our lives. Since the technology trend can't be changed, we are actively involved." When I first heard about the technology of the hub motor a few years ago, Lu Chao said frankly, His first reaction was shock.

As the chairman of Tianjin Tianhai Synchronous Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Tianhai Synchronous Group), Lu Chao regards 2018 as a key year for the company's transformation. This year is Hubei Taite Electromechanical Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Hubei), a subsidiary of Tianhai Synchronous Group. Tate) officially introduced the wheel hub motor product to the market year.

In September 2016, Hubei Tate acquired a 100% stake in Dutch e-Traction, a well-known wheel hub motor company in Europe, for US$61.47 million (about RMB 500 million). With this acquisition, Tianhai Synchronous Group's business scope has expanded to the motor sector, one of the three core technologies of new energy vehicles, and the former secondary component supplier has become a Tier 1 supplier.

In the recent overseas investment acquisitions of local parts companies, Hubei Tate's acquisition has not received widespread attention in the industry. However, Lu Chao firmly believes that his overseas acquisition has "fished the treasure". Through the comparison of various technical indicators, e-Traction's wheel motor products are in the world's leading level. Based on the technology of the Dutch company, the NO.1 brand in the global wheel motor is the goal that Lu Chao set aside when he decided to acquire the Dutch technology company more than a year ago.

Although the hub motor is a recognized technology trend in the industry, and its application prospects in electric vehicles are bright, the industry is still controversial about the technical maturity of the hub motor and the acceptance of the vehicle manufacturers. Some experts even stated clearly: "In the past five years There is no drama in large-scale industrialization." The first to gain recognition in the Chinese market and achieve mass production of hub motors is the first hurdle for the Lu Chao team and its Dutch company. "With new business opportunities and industry changes, the parts industry will form a new pattern, and there will be rises in the elimination." An industry analyst pointed out.

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