Analysis Of The Use And Maintenance Of Magneto

- Oct 27, 2018-

Analysis of the use and maintenance of magneto

Basic working principle of magneto

The most basic working principle of the magneto is: the permanent magnet rotates in the iron core, the primary coil on the iron core induces an electromotive force (called the primary potential), and the current is generated when the breaker contact is closed (called the primary current). When the contact suddenly opens and suddenly cuts off the primary current, the secondary coil induces a relatively high electromotive force (called the secondary potential), causing the spark plug to ignite. In order to obtain the strongest spark plug flashover, the maximum secondary potential should be obtained; in order to obtain the maximum secondary potential, the breaker contact should be closed when the primary potential is zero and open when the primary potential is maximum.

When is the primary potential the biggest? The moment when the primary potential is maximum should be when the pole of the permanent magnet turns to the neutral position 80-100. This angle is called the angle, which ensures the correct position of the breaker contact with respect to the cam. As long as the alignment mark is installed, it can be satisfied. For example, when assembling a C210 type magneto, the two reticle lines on the breaker bottom plate and the casing should be aligned, and the pointer on the breaker should be aligned with the nick on the cam; when assembling the C244 magneto, The engraved line on the large and small transmission gears and the engraved line on the bottom plate of the breaker should be aligned separately.

As for the requirement that the breaker contact should be closed when the primary potential is zero, as long as the corner angle is correct and the contact gap is adjusted to the specified value, it can be satisfied. Of course, adjusting the contact gap to the specified value is not only to meet this requirement, but the proper contact gap also makes the spark not too large when the contact is opened, and avoids premature ablation of the contact.

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