Analysis On The Development Of Electromechanical Automation Equipment For Die Casting Hardware

- Oct 30, 2018-

Analysis on the development of electromechanical automation equipment for die casting hardware

In recent years, China's die-casting industry has increased its emphasis on scientific research and development and technological innovation, and its input of human and material resources has also been increasing, especially in recent years, and the development of the future die-casting industry is even more powerful.

Compared with the traditional die casting production program, the new die-casting hardware electromechanical automation equipment controls the manipulator pneumatically through the human-computer interaction system. The whole process is completed by the robot under the control of the computer, which not only has high product quality, but also saves manpower and reduces the cost. It has also greatly alleviated the current situation of human resources shortage caused by the high labor intensity of the workers and the poor production environment in the hardware die-casting industry. After the expansion and application, it will play a significant role in helping the development of China's die-casting industry.

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