Application Of Energy-saving Retrofit Technology For Factory Electromechanical Equipment

- Nov 14, 2018-

2.1 Selection of energy-saving equipment

2.1.1 Energy-saving retrofit technology applied to lighting appliances

Although lighting appliances do not occupy a large proportion of the total electrical energy of the factory, due to the large number, if energy-saving retrofit technology is applied to lighting appliances and the properties of lighting appliances are optimized, this will increase the number of energy-saving lamps. At the same time, it also saves a large part of the power consumption. An electronic ballast lamp with light weight, low voltage and low noise can also be used in the factory. The electronic ballast lamp has the characteristics of low input power, obvious energy saving effect, high safety and long service life. The fiber from the energy-saving lamp is more helpful to people because of its ability to pass through the fog. Fluorescent lamps can achieve good luminous efficiency in applications, thereby achieving energy saving effects. To this end, the factory should also consider the need to save energy and select suitable energy-saving lighting equipment.

2.1.2 Application of energy-saving retrofit technology on electric motors

In the operation of the factory, the motor is inseparable from the power supply. The motor is an important device. In order to reduce the power consumption and improve the efficiency of the motor, the motor should be energy-saving technically modified. The YE3 high-efficiency motor is used, which uses high-magnetic low-loss cold. Rolling non-oriented silicon steel sheet, and can effectively reduce loss, energy saving and environmental protection, and also has the characteristics of convenient installation and maintenance, which greatly improves work efficiency.

2.1.3 Installation of the inverter

In order to control the AC motor well, it can be realized by changing the operating frequency of the motor power supply. The main principle is the application of microelectronic technology and frequency conversion technology. At present, many factories use large power supply equipment in the production process, which makes the energy waste serious. The inverter suitable for production is used instead of the valve control to control the output power of the factory motor, which can make the consumed electric energy output with the motor. The power is reduced and greatly reduced. The installation of the inverter in the factory not only can automatically adjust the motor, but also can effectively reduce the energy consumption of the mechanical and electrical equipment of the factory, and comprehensively improve the energy-saving technology level of the mechanical and electrical equipment of the factory.

2.1.4 Select a low resistance cable and select a suitable conductor cross section

The quality of power transmission and the power consumption in transmission are determined by the cable resistance, which is the tool used for power transmission between various electrical equipment. The higher the cable resistance, the slower the power transmission in the electromechanical device will consume more power. Therefore, the use of a cable with a small resistance can reduce thermal energy dissipation and damage to the transmission line. Appropriate selection of the conductor cross section is also required, which not only saves capital, saves power consumption and investment, but also increases the profitability of the plant.

2.2 Energy-saving renovation of the power supply and distribution system of the factory

The energy-saving retrofit technology has a good application in the power supply and distribution system. The energy-saving design optimization of the power distribution system can promote the normal operation of the electromechanical equipment of the factory, and at the same time ensure the stable performance of the production equipment, which is the quality of the production. And efficiency provides a good guarantee. 2.2.1 Rationality of the supply voltage Reasonable use of electricity is also reflected in the reasonable selection of the supply voltage. This is a comprehensive consideration of all aspects of the equipment's capacity, power supply distance, quality and local power grid security. Of course, the user's power consumption properties can not be ignored. When most users have voltage values of 6kV, and the device capacity is large, if the technology is economical, the 6kV power supply voltage can be selected. This can reduce the consumption of electrical energy and achieve energy saving.

2.2.2 Use of energy-saving transformers

In the power transmission and transformation industry, transformers are the most important way of electricity consumption. According to relevant surveys and data, the current transformers in China account for about one-tenth of the total power generation of the entire power system. This speeds up the development and promotion of energy-saving transformers to reduce the loss of power supply and distribution systems, thereby comprehensively improving the energy-saving retrofit technology of the plant's electromechanical equipment.

2.2.3 Expanding the reactive power compensation device to promote the improvement of the power factor of the factory

The power consumption of the electromechanical equipment of the factory is the most important indicator of the power factor of the factory electrical appliances. The increasing power factor can improve the efficiency of electrical equipment use. The installation of a large number of reactive power compensation devices in the factory enables the reactive power compensation to be improved. The reactive power compensation device can make the utilization of the power equipment capacity and the power distribution equipment more fully utilized, and promote the improvement of the equipment utilization rate and the power consumption efficiency. The improvement of power efficiency can reflect the reduction of energy consumption of electromechanical equipment in factories, install reactive power compensation devices for customers, and provide better service for users, and promote users to enjoy high-quality electricity.

2.3 Refined management of power measurement

The refined management is mainly reflected in the monitoring of the operating status of the plant's electromechanical equipment and important energy metering devices, and then tracking and surveying regularly, so that the power metering device has more scientific data analysis in terms of quality. The hidden dangers of power metering in enterprises have also been effectively avoided. The accuracy of the electromechanical equipment of the factory in the electric energy metering device has been improved, and the operating efficiency of the factory has also been promoted. Develop a long-term mechanism for power measurement. For electromechanical devices with similar scales, energy metering can be implemented to guide the development of guidance mechanisms.

2.4Using “shaving peaks and filling valleys” to save electricity costs

In the case of factory production, there will be obvious peaks of electricity consumption and low valleys, which are generally characterized by large electricity consumption during the day and less electricity consumption at night. Factory electricity can use the peak-to-valley effect to balance supply and demand in power plants. The main implementation method is to transfer the power part of the peak electricity consumption period to the low electricity consumption period. That is, “shaving the peaks and filling the valleys”, so that the factory can achieve the power balance in each period. Because the electricity price is different during peak hours and low valleys, it can save a lot of electricity cost, which is to effectively reduce the production cost of the enterprise. It is an important means to improve the production efficiency of the factory.

3, the conclusion

The application of energy-saving retrofit technology of electromechanical equipment in the factory greatly reduces the production cost of the factory, reduces the energy consumption, and promotes the improvement of the factory efficiency. In China's socialist market economy, energy-saving transformation technology is in response to the national sustainable development call, energy conservation and emission reduction as an important concept of mass production of the current factory, China's factories are also constantly improving the level of energy-saving transformation technology, innovative product process production Process, streamline processes, reduce energy consumption, enhance product competitiveness, and promote better and faster development of the plant.

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