Asynchronous Motor Suppliers

- Aug 11, 2020-

Quality of the asynchronous motor supplier, specialized in dc motor, high voltage motor, low voltage high power motor, ac frequency conversion motor and motor development, production and sales of science and technology company, the company production of various types of products sold throughout the country and Europe, the americas and southeast Asia, won the domestic and foreign user's consistent high praise, welcome new and old customers came to negotiate and the choose and buy!Asynchronous motor is specially designed to cooperate with all kinds of high performance IGBT pulse width modulation frequency converter at home and abroad. Generally, there is no need to use external filter.The asynchronous motor is designed with computer aided design technology, which combines the advantages of similar products at home and abroad.In order to adapt the motor to PWM variable frequency power supply, special considerations are given to the stator, rotor slot and stator winding distribution in design.A suitable inductance value is obtained to suppress and reduce the adverse effects of time harmonics and a series of spatial harmonics caused by them.The electromagnetic load design of the motor also considers a certain margin, so that the motor can not only ensure the overload capacity at high frequency, but also can maintain the constant torque output at low frequency.The insulation structure design of asynchronous motor takes into account the influence of high carrier frequency of PWM transmission using IGBT.In particular, in order to withstand the severe test caused by the sharp impulse voltage repeatedly applied by the high voltage rise rate between the turns of coils, special measures are adopted to strengthen the insulation.The test value of interturn withstand voltage of the motor far exceeds the requirement of JB/Z346-89 for AC motor.


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