Automation Is The Foundation Of Intelligent Manufacturing

- Nov 13, 2018-

Automation is the foundation of intelligent manufacturing

In the field of automation, which is almost dominated by foreign brands, Delta has always occupied a very important position in the industry as the most well-known Chinese automation brand. After more than 20 years of development, Delta has gradually grown into a Chinese force that can compete with traditional international giants in the field of industrial automation. In recent years, Delta's industrial automation business has grown significantly. Not only has the product line become more sophisticated, but it has also successfully transformed toward a solution provider.

In the course of Delta's development, one person has to mention, that is, Mr. Zhang Xunhai, the senior vice president of Delta and the general manager of the electromechanical business group. It can be said that without Mr. Zhang Xunhai, there will be no Delta in the field of automation today. It is in the persistence and promotion of Mr. Zhang Xunhai that Delta's automation business has developed all the way, starting from a single frequency converter, to the three series of products of motion, control and drive, and today to collect a variety of products and system solutions. Gorgeous turn around in one.

At the 2016 Industry Fair, the reporter was able to meet face-to-face with Mr. Zhang Xunhai and listen to him about the development of Delta's industrial automation and its future development strategy.

Industrial Automation - the result of market choices

After careful calculation, Mr. Zhang Xunhai has been working in Delta for 35 years. Industrial automation is the business that he founded and promoted, which is his lifelong career.

Delta has entered the field of industrial automation since the early 1990s. At that time, when Mr. Zhang Xunhai investigated the domestic manufacturing market, he found that the domestic manufacturing industry was still in a very primitive stage, but many manufacturers' managers have already had a strong interest in automation. At that time, the automation market was not so full of flowers today. The number of external automation brands was not only small, but the prices of products were generally high. The products in the whole market were very tight, and it was not easy for manufacturers to find suitable automation products. It is precisely because of this business opportunity that Mr. Zhang Xunhai has led the company to enter the field of automation and is engaged in the research and development, production and sales of automation products. From the very beginning, Delta has adopted a self-developed approach, based on its accumulation in the field of power electronics, starting from inverter products, and later PLC, servo, HMI, CNC numerical control system, and then PC-Based based PAC. Controllers, sensors, machine vision, industrial robots and other full range of automation products, Delta lock drive, motion, control three areas, and develop high-speed communications, high-end control and industrial software products, and actively in the field of factory automation.

In addition to the booming development in mainland China, Delta's industrial automation business has already begun to deploy globally. At present, the world has signed more than 700 dealers in Europe, Africa, America and other regions, while in Asia, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, India have branches, Delta has achieved global Deployment and operations.

In recent years, with the acceleration of Delta's overall M&A strategy, Delta's electromechanical business has also developed rapidly through its M&A strategy. If it is not understood by the outside world, it has a PC-Based-based product line through mergers and acquisitions. Mr. Zhang Xunhai said that the merger and acquisition of Delta's electromechanical business is more focused on technical integration, to fill the company's product gap, and strive to make the product line more perfect.

Delta cooperates with some of the top universities in China, such as Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University and Xi'an Jiaotong University, to cultivate top talents in power electronics related fields. In addition, the reporter learned that Delta cooperated with the top three science and technology universities in the island in Taiwan to promote the development of education and teaching in automation and related disciplines in the form of MOOCS. In addition to the lectures given by the schools, Delta is also open to the outside world. It will also be promoted to universities in mainland China.

Mr. Zhang Xunhai said that with the implementation of Industry 4.0, the future demand for a large number of automation products with flexible features represented by robots has already appeared, and Delta has also launched a number of industrial robot products in recent years to adapt to new industrial development. Claim. "In the future, the development of automation must stand at the height of the industry and look for the direction and motivation of development from the perspective of industry demand. At the same time, enterprises need to establish their true core strength."

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