Backlog Of The Motor To Be Repaired

- Oct 25, 2018-

Since the beginning of this year, in the face of a rapidly increasing backlog of electric motors to be repaired, a certain group in China has concentrated its superiority and launched a special action to repair the backlog of electric motors. After nearly three months of concentrated action, it has acquired a backlog of motors. The overall victory of the annihilation war.

In recent years, with the continuous development of the electric repair market, the number of electric motors to be repaired by the electric repair engineering department has increased sharply. Especially since the beginning of this year, the hot wire electrical equipment has a long cleaning cycle and heavy tasks, plus the influence of personnel and other factors. The strength is very tense, inevitably causing a backlog of motors. In order to improve the service level, the engineering department of the center decided to carry out the centralized repair activities of the motor to be repaired, completely eliminating the backlog of the motor.

The soldiers and horses did not move, and the grain and grass first. In order to ensure the victory of the “annihilation war”, the engineering department prepared spare parts in advance and opened up a “green channel” for the required materials. At the same time, it successfully implemented the transformation of the motor test bench. From the past, only one motor could be upgraded to three at the same time. , greatly improving the efficiency of the test.

After the "annihilation war" started, in order to give full play to the advantages of each team, a group of motors that are good at "hard bones" are responsible for overhauling the vibration motor and large roller motor. The squad strengthens the coordination of various types of work, adopts the “separate type of flow operation method”, and takes responsibility for the disassembly and assembly, welder welding, and electrician off-line procedures, greatly improving the speed of motor overhaul, at the fastest speed. I won the "hard bones" such as 2000 kW DC motors. In order to overcome the technical problems encountered in the overhaul, the team also used the spare time to make production tools and off-line auxiliary tools, which improved the efficiency of motor maintenance. The second class of the motor is creatively implemented the “type-of-fighting maintenance method of the same type”, and the “coupling” of the same or similar motors such as the model, power and number of poles is effectively concentrated, which effectively shortens the process time of mold replacement and winding operation, and effectively improves the process time. Work efficiency.

In order to strengthen the dispatch of the "annihilation war" activities, the engineering department has made progress kanbans, implemented wall map operations, and adjusted deployments at any time according to the nodes. At the crucial moment, as a "preparatory team", the bench work class has successfully overcome the technical problems of "45 kW roller motor cycloidal reducer repair" without any data and maintenance experience, and successfully repaired the roller motor with many years of backlog. , achieved a breakthrough in motor overhaul technology.

After all efforts, up to now, the Engineering Department has overhauled more than 600 sets of motors to be repaired, comprehensively “eliminating” all the motors to be repaired since the beginning of this year, and achieved a comprehensive victory of “annihilation war”, meeting the needs of the hotline, and equipment. The maintenance center has built the foundation for the expansion of the city's efficiency and the creation of the Laigang electric repair brand.

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