Based On The Scene, From The Bottom Up

- Dec 05, 2018-

2, based on the scene, from the bottom up

How to achieve true intelligent manufacturing is a common problem and concern of Chinese manufacturing companies.

Wang Jian said that Chinese companies should come out of a cognitive misunderstanding that smart manufacturing is not a simple machine substitution, not a fully automated production line, nor big data, cloud computing and the Internet.

“Intelligent manufacturing is a systematic project. After replacing all production workers with industrial robots, it may not be possible to reduce costs and improve production efficiency. Because the process has not changed, it may restrict flexible management,” explains Wang Jian. He said that companies should first consider three questions: What is the goal? What is the real problem? How to solve these problems?

For this reason, Mitsubishi Electric's intelligent manufacturing solutions place great emphasis on the production site. They believe that the production site is the cornerstone of the manufacturing industry, and traditional manufacturing companies want to win in the competition, it is necessary to clarify the problems faced by their own companies.

Mitsubishi Electric divides the company's intelligent manufacturing level into four stages or levels: Level1 is the data collection stage, and the object remains in the process. Level 2 is the visualization phase and the object is the production line. Level 3 is the analysis phase and the objects are extended to the entire plant. Level 4 is an innovation stage, and the object vision has risen to the multi-factory value chain as a whole, innovating the above-mentioned production management business/system.

Wang Jian believes that the manufacturing enterprises in transition should accurately grasp which level of intelligent manufacturing they are, and then consider the implementation methods and means of the target. For example, Mitsubishi Electric Automation previously conducted intelligent consultation for a subsidiary of CRRC Group, and customers have just begun to introduce the need to introduce new equipment. After in-depth exchanges between the two sides and on-site investigations, it was found that the problem that the company urgently needs to solve is not the introduction of equipment, but two other major problems. One is the long production cycle, and the other is the large inventory of intermediate products. Therefore, continue to go deep into the production site to find the crux of the problem, sort out the problem points that need to be improved, analyze the real cause of the problem, and re-plan the production process on this basis. Finally, the factory did not introduce any new equipment, only through consulting to re-engineer the production process, the original equipment operating rate increased by more than 10%, delivery time reduced by nearly 20%.

“At present, the factory has been combing into the next stage of intelligentization and introducing intelligent production equipment. The situation of the factory basically represents the current status of most enterprises in China. Therefore, the manufacturing enterprise must proceed from its current situation and from the production site. Starting, step by step, can effectively promote and realize intelligent manufacturing." Wang Jian said.

This is also the advantage of Mitsubishi Electric's intelligent manufacturing solution. It adopts the “bottom-up” thinking and always grasps the changing production site. Wang Jian said: “How to get on the intelligent road is definitely not a way, there are various Different ways of doing things. We always think that the manufacturing industry is rooted in the production site because the site is dynamic and cannot be applied to a stylized solution."

For companies that have already established specific projects but are not clear about how to implement them, Mitsubishi Electric will design the management methods, production methods, and implementation methods, including automation and information design. For enterprises that have already defined the project requirements and need to implement hardware and software, Mitsubishi Electric will carry out equipment or production line design, equipment import, and system import. For companies that have introduced automation and information systems but are not performing well, Mitsubishi Electric has helped them improve their performance and stabilize their effects.

Wang Jian said that this is not a standardized solution, but a solution that covers the entire cycle of intelligent manufacturing. From diagnostic consulting, overall planning, production line design, equipment introduction to operation and maintenance, tailor-made solutions for the company based on the current status and vision of the company.


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