Basic Introduction Of Gear Modulus In Gear Motor

- Jul 06, 2017-

Gear motor in my rapid development, then the cash reducer, how do we want to choose the brand? In the rapid development of domestic industry today, the application of gear motor has become very wide, initially, gear motor gear equipment for large equipment companies to purchase, commissioning and installation, such as some conveyor equipment gear motor, mixer special gear motor. At present, from our sales data to understand that customers are no longer limited to large-scale professional equipment manufacturers, from individual dealers to individual maintenance users, and even the most direct personal users. The further expansion of the Internet, making users and manufacturers of the distance greatly close. Then we should choose Gear Motor motor brand? Whether it is factory scale and integrity of fine business, we can not directly access the information ~!

The gear modulus of the Gear Motor is a very important point of knowledge. The higher the modulus of the gear teeth is, the higher the modulus is the ratio of the pitch t to the pi (m = T / π) in millimeters. The modulus is one of the most basic parameters of the die wheel. The larger the modulus. If the number of gear teeth is constant, the radial dimension of the wheel is also larger. Modular series of standards is based on the design, manufacture and testing requirements for the development of non-direct gear for the gear, the modulus of the normal modulus mn end modulus ms and the axial modulus mx distinction is based on the respective teeth The ratio of the pitch (normal pitch, end face pitch and axial pitch) to the circumferential ratio is also in millimeters. For the bevel gear modulus has a large end modulus me average modulus mm and small end modulus m1 points. For the tool, there is a corresponding tool modulus mo and so on. The application of normative modulus is very wide.

Metric gear drive worm gear, synchronous toothed belt drive and ratchet, gear coupling spline and other parts, the normative modulus is a basic parameter. On the design of the parts, manufacturing, maintenance and so play a basic role in the parameters (see cylindrical Gear Motor worm reducer, etc.)

Gear calculation formula: index circle diameter d = mz

M modulus z teeth number

Tooth height ha = ha * m

Root height hf = (ha * + c *) m

Tooth height h = ha + hf = (z ha * + c *) m

Ha * = 1 c * = 0.25.

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