Battery Energy Storage, Motor Energy Efficiency Needs To Be Improved

- Oct 18, 2018-

Battery energy storage, motor energy efficiency needs to be improved

In addition to the energy storage capacity of the battery, the limitation of the electric vehicle's cruising range includes the energy efficiency of the motor. The more energy the battery stores, the more energy the motor is at the same power, and the longer the battery life is.

In recent years, major electric vehicle manufacturers have put more research and development energy into the energy storage of batteries to enhance the cruising range of electric vehicles. In Shenzhen, due to the formation of new energy automobile industry chain, a large number of enterprises have invested in the research and development of various technologies for new energy vehicles. The formation of the new energy vehicle industry chain research and development of the Shenzhen Army, so the innovative research and development results in various parts of the new energy vehicle continue to emerge. The reporter recently learned that a Shenzhen manufacturer has developed a more efficient and energy-saving motor, and from the actual road test, this motor can greatly increase the cruising range of electric vehicles by more than 50%.

Drive system

According to reports, a large number of permanent magnet synchronous motors are currently used in electric vehicle electric drive systems, and many electric drive systems introduced in Japan and China use such electric motors. For example, Toyota's Prius hybrid electric car, Nissan's Leaf pure electric car, Mitsubishi's two i-MiEV, Mercedes-Benz's SmartEV electric car, Volkswagen's E-UP electric car are all permanent magnet synchronous motors.

In China, current electric cars, such as BYD, Dongfeng, Chery, Changan, FAW and SAIC, also use permanent magnet synchronous motors for pure electric or hybrid cars, while buses use AC motors. In addition, some domestic electric vehicles also use DC motors, switched reluctance motors and so on.

In recent years, with the continuous increase of new energy vehicles in Shenzhen, the demand for energy-saving motors has also increased. The permanent magnet synchronous motors meet the requirements of electric drive systems for driving motors with their high power density characteristics and high torque density characteristics. Therefore, in the field of new energy vehicles, permanent magnet synchronous motor research has become an important branch.

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