Big And Strong Provincial Micro-motor Professional Town

- Nov 15, 2018-

Big and strong provincial micro-motor professional town

Promote management innovation with organizational construction

In view of the small, scattered and weak situation of micro-motor enterprises in the whole region, Wucheng District is based on the new normal of economic development, actively guiding the development of existing micro-motor production and accessory trade enterprises, and realizing the cooperation and win-win of industrial teams with industrial organization. In May of this year, the district established the Weicheng District Micro-Electronics Industry Association to promote the micro-motor enterprises in the region to move from their respective battles to joint operations, realize the parallel sharing of industrial chains, and form a good situation for the unified coordination of the association.

This effectively strengthens the construction of industrial organization, realizes the transition from passive government management to industry self-discipline management, and further releases the industrial vitality for enterprises to “relax”. In the first half of this year, the total output value of the micro-motor industry in the region was 500 million yuan, an increase of 59.4%, and the sales income was 485 million yuan, an increase of 54.1%. The total number of micro-motors in the district was 95, and the tax amount was 13.67 million yuan. There are 55 taxpayers with a tax payment of 13.51 million yuan.

Promote technological innovation by building a platform

In view of the low technological content of micro-motor products, the region is mainly engaged in enterprises, and vigorously builds a platform for cooperation in science, technology, industry, and research, and establishes a micro-motor industry innovation base for industry R&D and promotion, patent transfer, project docking, and talent training. Providing quality services, achieving common technology sharing and sharing, reducing the cost of enterprise R&D and technology transactions. Actively guide enterprises to intensify technological innovation, help enterprises to introduce advanced technologies at home and abroad, increase investment in high-tech products for audio-visual, navigation, vehicle, and drones, and promote the micro-motor industry to the industrial chain. High end.

These measures promote the construction of industrial innovation platforms, integrate multi-party superior resources, realize the sharing of scientific and technological innovation, and further promote the industrialization transformation of scientific and technological achievements. At present, Shuncheng Fawei Motor Co., Ltd., a leading micro-motor company in the region, has independently developed and developed the UAV, and its products are mainly exported to developed countries such as Europe and America.

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