Bipolar Two-way Stepper Motor Driver

- Nov 07, 2018-

Bipolar two-way stepper motor driver

Tokyo-Toshiba's semiconductor and storage products company recently announced the "TC78S122FNG", a bipolar two-way stepper motor driver that provides 40V high voltage and 2.0A high current. The sample shipment will start on the same day, and the mass production plan will start in July 2016.

High-speed, high-performance motor drives are required for applications such as printers, surveillance cameras, office automation equipment, ATM terminals such as ATMs, money detectors, amusement equipment and home appliances. At the same time, customers' demand for space-saving and well-designed equipment is accelerating the miniaturization of equipment. Measures to reduce the amount of heat generated inside the device and reduce the overall power consumption of the device have also become increasingly important.

Toshiba's new product has a two-way driver function in a single 2-in-1 chip that can run two stepper motors simultaneously. Because it integrates electronic components into a two-in-one chip, it saves space on the board.

Because the IC itself heats up, the previous products cannot work continuously to drive motors up to 2.0A, while the 2.0A motors are widely used in many applications such as office equipment. The new product reduces output resistance by 50% and reduces heat generation by *1, thus driving two motors simultaneously.

Although the IC's internal logic regulator circuit is in standby mode in the previous product, the new product incorporates the sleep function to stop the regulator in standby mode. Therefore, the power consumption of the IC is reduced.

In addition, the new product not only drives stepper motors, but also provides an interface for driving brushed DC motors. This provides various combinations of stepper motors and brushed DC motors, such as one stepper motor and two brushed DC motors. Toshiba will expand its product lineup to offer a variety of options to meet the diverse needs of motor drive applications.

Main features of new products

Small heat

The on-resistance is low (0.6Ω or less, the sum of the upper and lower limits), so the heat generated by the two synchronous drives is reduced.

Low vibration, low noise

Constant current control is achieved with 1/4 step step (maximum) high resolution motor drive technology and decay mode switching to reduce vibration and noise.

Low power consumption

The built-in sleep function is implemented by external pin control to reduce the current consumption of the IC in standby mode.

Small package

The small HTSSOP package with high heat dissipation simplifies the heat dissipation of equipment and modules. This helps to achieve IC miniaturization and reduce costs. Toshiba also plans to introduce a QFN package, which is a more compact package.

Built-in error detection circuit

The new product integrates an overheat protection circuit and an overcurrent protection circuit. Thanks to the signals output during the design of the device, the safety and reliability of the device are improved.


Industrial equipment (surveillance cameras, ATM terminals such as ATMs, office and factory automation equipment), entertainment game consoles (ball and disc machines), and household appliances (refrigerators and air conditioners)

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