Both The Hub Motor And The Dual Motor Dual Transmission Have Fans.

- Nov 10, 2018-

Both ways have fans

The advantages of the hub motor attract many companies to participate in it. At present, the world's more well-known wheel motor companies include Protean Motor Company of the United Kingdom, TM4 Company of Canada, Michelin Company of the famous tire manufacturer and Bridgestone Company of Japan. The hub motors have all been unveiled.

At the 2008 Paris Motor Show, the concept version of the four-wheel-drive sports car "Ventu-riVolage" was unveiled. The sports car used Michelin's "Drive Wheel" technology. At the Guangzhou Auto Show 2010, the Guangzhou Automobile Group exhibited a purely based on the Alfa Romeo 166 chassis. Electric vehicles, the two rear wheels of the car are driven by hub motors; at the 2011 Shanghai Auto Show, Chery Automobile exhibited the Ruiqi XI-EV pure electric vehicle with 336V wheel motor; in 2013, Ford exhibited a development based on the Ford Fiesta. The e-WheelDrive wheel motor drives the car.

At this year's Beijing Auto Show, Rong Hui, deputy dean of the BAIC New Technology Research Institute, told reporters: "If time is enough, we have to replace these four driverless cars with hub motor drives. The hub motor must be the future. The direction of development."

Tsinghua University professor Lian Xiaoying believes that the impact of unsprung quality on vehicle performance does exist. With the continuous advancement of technology, electric vehicles will gradually become lighter, and wheel hub motor technology will continue to improve. As long as the sprung and unsprung masses are properly proportioned, there will be no significant impact on vehicle performance.

The technology of hub motor has been born for quite a long time. Until today, it still stays in the concept car stage. No large-scale production has been carried out by a company. The reporter has not heard of which vehicle manufacturer has a specific production schedule. Xu Xiangyang said: "In the next 10 years, the motor + transmission is still the mainstream driving method."

The reporter also learned that Bosch, a world-famous component company, has recognized the advantages of the dual-motor dual-transmission drive system and is in the process of developing the system.

Hub motor and dual-motor dual-transmission, one is regarded as a breakthrough technology, and the other is to re-recognize and improve the existing technology. Who can handle the future in the competition of driving methods? Time will tell us the answer.

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