Breaking The Energy Saving Of Domestic Motor Systems

- Oct 24, 2018-

Motor should be low carbon

In the international market, product carbon labeling has been widely used. More and more companies are beginning to accept carbon footprint assessments and use carbon footprint labels as a marketing tool. In many European countries, products without carbon labeling are not. Allow access to the local market.

In China, the low-carbon economy has become the direction to promote the sound development of China's economy. Although the carbon footprint label has not yet been popularized in China, enterprises have begun to accept carbon footprint assessment. For example, Tsingtao Brewery [34.77 1.91% stock research report] signed the first low carbon research agreement of the beer industry with China National Institute of Standardization and China Quality Certification Center, and evaluated and analyzed the amount of greenhouse gas emissions in the whole production process. The Tsingtao beer with the carbon logo was finally launched.

It should be said that the implementation of carbon footprint analysis is a development trend in the future. Motor companies can optimize their production processes, reduce costs and enhance market competitiveness by implementing carbon footprint analysis on products. At the same time, in the daily production and management of enterprises, the introduction of high-efficiency energy-saving transformation services, high-efficiency energy-saving transformation technology will bring triple value: by improving efficiency, reducing emissions; saving energy resources; and significantly reducing operating costs. Why are motor companies not happy?

The energy saving work of the motor system is an important part of the “energy-saving medium and long-term plan” and the eleventh and fifty-key key energy-saving projects. During the 12th Five-Year Plan period, the energy-saving transformation of the motor system will also be intensified, relying on scientific and technological progress, through enterprises and energy-saving service companies. Through the cooperation, the two sides share energy saving benefits.

Experts said: With the continuous research of energy-saving technology, the energy saving of the motor system not only stays in the research and development of a single high-efficiency product and device, but also develops towards the optimization matching, energy saving and green design of the motor system, so that the motor system The life cycle has reached the effect of green and energy saving, maximizing system energy utilization and truly becoming an important part of the low carbon economy.

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