British Motor Industry Energy Saving

- Oct 24, 2018-

The report suggests that the industry's potential to save on annual energy expenditures is so great. In the case of industry, by using VSDs high-efficiency motors, a medium-sized company with an annual electricity bill of £50,000 can save £5,000. Equipment such as fans and pumps are not always running at full capacity, and by using VSDs, 50% energy savings can be achieved.

Motor energy consumption accounts for 2/3 of the UK's electricity consumption in the whole industry, accounting for about 40% of global electricity consumption. The annual operating cost of a motor is equivalent to the purchase cost of 10 motors.

The Carbon Trust's report also stated that the UK's food and beverage industry can save nearly £70 million annually by installing gearboxes and high-efficiency motors. Other industries, such as plastics, rubber and chemicals, can save up to 270 million pounds a year.

The person in charge of the carbon trust said that if the industry chooses the right motor and drive method, the cost savings can be as high as 640 million pounds. Of course, sometimes it's easier to take a sideline attitude. In fact, a simple step can bring about huge changes. Adopting the measures in the report will directly affect the development of the industry.

Here are some of the highlights of the report:

1. Set the time point: Set the shutdown point for the motor-driven device when the device does not need to be used at certain times.

2. Check the motor idling problem: Observe whether the motor-driven device will idle when it is suspended or replaced.

3, the use of VSDs technology: to reduce the fan or pump from 100% load to 80%, can save 50% of energy.

4. Minimize system requirements: Carefully analyze requirements to minimize equipment output, such as temperature or pressure settings.

5. Verify the performance of the entire system so that each component is operating at its best, including:

(1) Ensure that the equipment is regularly inspected: regularly clean the motor and auxiliary equipment to remove dirt and impurities.

(2) Check the motor status to ensure proper installation and good heat dissipation.

(3) Check if the motor and equipment are in balance and the pulley is tight.

(4) Regular observation, whether the running sound is normal, and whether the oil leaks.

(5) Use a suitable lubricant and replace it regularly.

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