Brushless DC Motor Technology Into An Intelligent Motion Control Advantage

- Nov 02, 2018-

Brushless DC motor technology into an intelligent motion control advantage

Industrial electronics developer and manufacturer Micro-Open Semiconductor said that if brushless DC motors are to become the basis for future motor development, then it is necessary to eliminate the view that brushless DC motor control is too expensive and too complicated.

Rüdiger Laschewski, product marketing manager for micro-opening semiconductor high-voltage controllers, said that no one doubts the advantages of brushless DC motors compared to DC or stepper motors, but has to convince users to accept that its advantages will overwhelm costs and that there are ready-made control solutions. .

He said: "First of all, the brushless DC motor has a smaller geometry and lighter weight, which meets the market's requirements for light weight design and enhanced performance. Second, due to the use of permanent magnets, the rotor has no core loss. Therefore, the brushless DC motor is more efficient. At the same time, the use of permanent magnets can reduce maintenance and extend the service life of the motor. Third, by using a suitable transformation algorithm, the thermal performance is improved, and a higher motor speed range can be realized. And dynamic response time, better electromagnetic isolation is possible, and torque response is better."

“Although there are many manufacturers of brushless DC motors, there are few integrated electronic control solutions on the market,” Laschewski added. “To find a manufacturer of low-cost brushless DC motors that can be produced with highly integrated electronic controls. Still very difficult."

The market for brushless DC motor technology is expected to grow. First, the ever-decreasing cost of electronic products will make them cheaper. The current market requires lighter weight, smaller size, and higher power density, all of which contribute to the development of brushless DC motors. The trend in the use of speed brush DC motors is likely to increase the diversity and functionality of the motor and make it easier to network between smart drives.

Design time can be reduced by using a single-chip solution, and software can be applied to different motor types and attributes. Brush-type DC motor solutions can now be replaced by brushless DC motors that look the same but have intelligent motion control inside.

Laschewski said that it must be acknowledged that the conversion of brushless DC motors, especially in terms of programming, is complicated, but choosing the right controller unit is not the same. Integrated electronic control for better system parameter self-diagnostics and automatic adjustment. Finally, a single-chip design solution reduces circuit complexity.

The switching scheme can be adapted to different motor types and properties by adjusting the motor parameters in the software. The high level of reusability of hardware and software enables rapid response to changes in customer demand. In contrast, standard microcontrollers or state machines are typically only available for specific motor types or applications.

Laschewski said that Micro-Semiconductor's single-chip HVC4223F embedded high-voltage motor controller allows customers to effectively equip a complete brake platform independent of the motor type. On this platform, users can build a decentralized intelligent brake network that can communicate independently or communicate with each other within the system.


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