Build A Whole Industry Chain Of Power-related Industries And Build A One-stop Trade Exchange Display Platform

- Nov 10, 2018-

"Power Show, All-Electric Exhibition" grand opening "Lightning" man leads the industry to develop new trends

By China Electrical Equipment Industry Association, China Internal Combustion Engine Industry Association, China Electrotechnical Society, China City Gas Association Distributed Energy Professional Committee, Shanghai Energy Conservation Association Distributed Energy Supply Professional Committee, Shanghai Electrical Industry Association, Shanghai Electrical Engineering Society, Shanghai De Sponsored by Rui Exhibition Planning Co., Ltd., the 15th China (Shanghai) International Power Equipment and Generators Exhibition and the 5th Shanghai International Distributed Energy and Energy Storage Application Exhibition and Forum hosted by Longgao Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (referred to as: Power Exhibition); "The 16th China International Electric Power Equipment and Smart Grid Exhibition, the 10th China (Shanghai) International Wind Energy Exhibition, Shanghai Data Center Equipment Exhibition" (referred to as: All Electric Exhibition); in 2016 5 On the 24th, it was grandly opened at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. The exhibition lasted for three days.

36,000 square meters of exhibition space, build a whole industry chain of power-related industries, and build a one-stop trade exchange display platform

A large number of independent innovation technologies and products leading China and leading the world were unveiled in this exhibition. The combination of emerging technologies such as cloud monitoring and Internet of Things and the power industry, integrated solutions for new energy cities, energy storage, gas intelligent power generation, data centers Equipment and operation and maintenance, power protection and control for energy Internet, new intelligent power equipment and its development trend, new technologies and new products such as smart grid, transmission and distribution, etc. are concentrated. As one of the world's oldest, largest and most complete industrial chain, the “Power Exhibition & All-Electric Exhibition” is the best choice for domestic and foreign enterprises to promote new products, new technologies, new equipment and new processes. The concept, the market share of products, and the best platform to promote enterprise development. The exhibition has an exhibition area of nearly 36,000 square meters. Nearly 600 companies from 42 countries and regions have launched thousands of products such as power generation equipment, intelligent transmission and distribution, energy storage and distributed energy, and computer room construction.

50 industry big ignited intelligence engines, triggering new kinetic energy for business development

As one of the important activities at the exhibition site, “Power Exhibition & All-Electricity Exhibition Technical Seminar”, the organizers invited 50 top experts from home and abroad to visit the booth and delivered a special speech on the theme of “smart, energy-saving and efficient”. It also gathers many industry leaders, technical experts, terminal enterprise users, industry insiders, investment institutions, channel providers and media organizations to build a platform for production, learning and research exchanges, conduct comprehensive exchanges and discussions on hot topics in the industry, and build business cooperation and docking opportunities. .

20 pre-show series activities, boosting the popularity of Chinese and foreign merchants

"Serve the industry and do professional exhibitions." In order to build a global one-stop trade exchange platform for “the most competitive, most influential and most authoritative” power, “Power Exhibition & All-Electric Exhibition” has carefully cultivated the “application side”. In the early stage of the exhibition, the organizers launched more than 20 “Power Show & All Electric Show” series roadshows in 16 cities around the world, and obtained “One Belt and One Road” in the UAE, Indonesia, South Africa, Thailand, Russia, Iran, Bangladesh, Argentina, etc. More than 40 industry associations and industry alliances along the line and in China have strongly supported and responded positively. The reason why the exhibition is so attractive is not only the annual industry event of China's electric power industry or even the world power energy industry, but also a good opportunity for global related companies to understand the latest product technology trends and industry development trends. With the rapid growth and success of the “Power Show & All-Electric Exhibition”, “Power Show & All-Electric Exhibition” is driving and promoting related companies from closed factories to open enterprises, from regional brands to domestic brands, and from concern. It is an important "cradle" for itself to compete with international counterparts.

13 "Flash" turned out to lead the industry to develop new trends

As the most important event of this exhibition - the "Lightning Award" winners will be announced on May 25, 2016. And the awards were grandly presented at the exhibition. The event was initiated by the engine home, the generator set alliance and other units. It lasted for nearly 3 months. According to the evaluation model of the engine home and the generator set alliance, the award collection, list sorting, netizen vote, and China Electrical Equipment Industry Association, China 13 units and individuals were selected by the final evaluation process of the expert group consisting of the Internal Combustion Engine Industry Association, the China Electrotechnical Society, the Shanghai Electrical Industry Association, and the Shanghai Electrical Engineering Society. From the wind and water of the rivers and lakes, the "Flash" who turned out to be born will surely interpret the richer connotation of the industry and lead the industry to develop new trends!

2016 is the first year of the 13th Five-Year Plan. Internet+ is becoming the core of all industries to enhance the total factor productivity; green development is deeply rooted in people's minds, energy conservation and environmental protection have become the conscious pursuit of excellent enterprises; the Belt and Road, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei collaborative innovation Comprehensive layout; planning of the world's urban agglomerations in the Yangtze River Delta; global planning of the Pearl River Delta; secondary revitalization in the Northeast, etc.

come on! Into the "Power Show & All-Electric Exhibition", you will gain the power of thought, gain the power of technology, gain the power of capital, gain the power of innovation, and gain the power to compete for the future. The "Flash" will be used as a benchmark. The next step in the development of the industry points the way!

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