Built With Precision, Casting High Quality Motor Brand

- Nov 28, 2018-

Built with precision, casting high quality motor brand


Linear motors have been a valuable and widely used device in many OEM applications. In addition to providing nanometer-level accuracy in the semiconductor and machine tool sectors, linear motors are now able to meet the requirements of design engineers in a variety of fields. In recent years, due to the growing demand, the cost of linear motors is slowly declining, and more OEM applications are introducing linear motors, which means that linear motor products and their applications will move toward higher acceleration, speed and accuracy trends. .

As a company with a high market share in linear motors, Jacques is committed to developing products with high precision. In the packaging industry, Jacques Linear Motors uses an off-the-shelf magnetic linear encoder for position feedback of Hall motor commutation. All axial movements, including several rotary servo motions, are controlled by the Jacques Linear Motor Platform. Moreover, because linear motors provide higher acceleration, speed, and higher accuracy, while reducing downtime due to paper jams and other problems, equipment productivity is improved.


 In the precision machining industry, Yakebes linear motors offer faster speeds, higher precision, and better repeatability than traditional ball screw drives. Jacques offers a brushless ironless linear motor that provides a greater force constant in a small package. The advantage of the ironless design is that the drive coil does not contain steel sheets (the steel sheet will vibrate when the drive portion crosses the track). In addition, the brushless feature eliminates the torque ripple associated with mechanical commutators. These two features make linear motors suitable for applications requiring smooth speed and high precision positioning control.

 In addition to standard products, Jacques's design of the motor will also be based on the customer's needs to design a special platform, according to the motor and thrust requirements to provide a selection of high-performance linear motors.

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