Buy Bathroom Fan Motor

- May 26, 2020-

The most efficient energy-saving brushless DC motor Hong Kong, 23 February 2012-announced the launch of a new bathroom exhaust fan for efficient energy-saving brushless DC motor product line. The new motors are energy efficient and environmentally friendly, meet European energy efficiency standards and help meet National Carbon footprint reduction targets, and are designed for use in bathroom ventilation systems. Compared with the traditional cover-pole Motor, the bathroom exhaust fan motor product line is more efficient, power consumption is only 25% , thus saving up to 75% for the bathroom exhaust fan. The exhaust fans assembled with this series of brushless DC motors can easily meet the most stringent energy efficiency standards. In addition, the brushless motor also has long life, high efficiency, low noise characteristics. Motor can be equipped with internal or external controller, also for the fan design and installation of great convenience. "The improvement in the efficiency of the ventilation fans has played a huge role in saving energy consumption, " said Ding Jiming, senior vice president of motor marketing strategy, "The research and development of Electric Motors will continue to contribute to the creation of energy-saving and emission-reducing products, " he added.


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